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The Use of Communication Technology in Schools - Coursework Example

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The paper "The Use of Communication Technology in Schools" states that prior experience and exposure to information and communication tools and applications do not play a major role in encouraging confidence and positive attitude when students are confronted with other ICT devices or applications…
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The Use of Communication Technology in Schools
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Extract of sample "The Use of Communication Technology in Schools"

Download file to see previous pages In primary schools in Europe, the authors note that use of ICT improves achievement in English as a home language in addition to encouraging better performance in science and design in children aged from seven to sixteen years. Schools with well-developed ICT programs and related resources demonstrate better achievement in all subjects compared to those with poor levels of technology. However, better performance while using ICT in schools is realized if education policymakers establish favorable environment for effective application of the technology in educational institutions (Anja, Stella and Roger, 14).
Use of ICT in learning institutions has remarkable impacts on teachers and teaching process. According to Anja, Stella and Roger(17), the technology increases enthusiasm among the instructors leading to a heightened positive attitude towards their careers. In addition, ICT enhances their efficiency especially in the preparation of teaching plans. Effective use of information management systems while teaching encourages collaborative learning among teachers leading to better teaching experience. However, various barriers impede the realization of projected gains of adopting information technology. These include poor ICT competence in the teaching fraternity, which lowers their confidence in the class while applying the technology. In addition, poor organization, inadequate maintenance of ICT hardware and limited access to appropriate ICT infrastructure prevents learners from gaining maximum benefits from ICT technology (Anja, Stella and Roger, 17-28).
The authors examine the concerns of increased exposure of children to computer applications and related technology. According to, Ellen and Nancy (32), the wired computer provides modern society with new mass media including computer games, CD ROMs and the web. In the United States, about 60% of homes with young children aged from eight to seventeen years own computers that are connected to the internet with the intention of learning (Ellen and Nancy, 33). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Use of Communication Technology in Schools Coursework.
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