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Leadership and diversity in the WHO - Essay Example

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Instructor Date Leadership and diversity in the WHO STEP ONE In module one my choice of organization was the World Health Organization. Being an international body it had many subdivisions that enable the organization to support all nations in the world…
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Leadership and diversity in the WHO
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Download file to see previous pages Apart from health solutions the health body also provides research results on deadly diseases. An appropriate example is when there was an international breakout of swine flu. The organization was on the top list of the organizations involved in finding the diagnosis of the disease. The organization is also responsible for providing reliable statistics on health issue globally. According to Blue the World Health Organization plays a very crucial role in the containment of international health issue (90). He further argues that the organization has helped many nations to get out of health crisis. STEP TWO The WHO is home to many formal and informal employees and involved stakeholders. On informal status, the organization has thousands of representatives worldwide. With many nations in need of representatives and health officers, the informal stakeholder in WHO are even unaccountable for. However, these individuals help the organization to come up with research results and statistics in their respective nations. In an argument by the WHO these individuals are the force behind the success of the WHO in all nations worldwide (165). Apart from these individuals, other charitable organizations are indirectly connected to the WHO. These organizations share a common interest with the WHO which is to ensure stability on the world health. They provide the WHO with appropriate information regarding any health issue in respective locations. Formal people organized in the organization are the individuals directly employed or represent the WHO in its duties and responsibility. This also includes the organization’s correspondents in all the Nations. The formal organized individuals are legally under the WHO and entitled to rewards and tokens. STEP THREE Formal leaders in the organization are the individuals are the person given the mandate by the organization to lead departments and the whole organization. These leaders are appointed by the organization members or the board members. They include the director of the organization, the assistant directors, the departmental heads and the nations’ correspondents. According to Blue these leaders are appointed as official representative of the organizations (106). They have the mandate of making decision sunder their capacity. Informal leaders in the organization are the charismatic individuals who have great positive influence on health issues. Although they do not have official positions they have great influence the decision making in the organization. For instance, the ministry of health in a certain country may provide instructions and recommendation regarding a health hazard in the country. According to Wolf the WHO will have no other option than to consider the advice since they have so much information regarding the hazard (45). Many informal leaders to the WHO comprise of the State heads. STEP FOUR Being an international organization the depth of diversity in the organization is of great lengths. The organization comprises of many representatives of different nations with different language, different cultural background and different religious beliefs. Race diversity is also in great depths since all genders must be represented by their own. Different medical fields have different experts ranging from men to women. According to WHO diversity in organizations shapes the transparency and efficiency of service provision (67). The World Health organization has no other positive option in matters of equal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Leadership and Diversity in the WHO Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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