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Diversity Inclusion in Campus - Book Report/Review Example

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In the paper “Diversity Inclusion in Campus,” the author tries to embrace the role of diversity and inclusion in their piece of art in a way to fathom how it affects the higher education learning. He addresses the concept of diversity and inclusion through various disciplines…
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Diversity Inclusion in Campus
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Extract of sample "Diversity Inclusion in Campus"

Download file to see previous pages The access to graduate and professional programs put the partakers a notch higher. However, it is for the benefit of few persons in the society. Therefore, it is what the authors of the books argue out that there should be no disparity in the line of ethnic and social background in giving the opportunities. Furthermore, most of the people from the underrepresented strives have access graduate and professional programs so as equalize their plight. The program after the bachelor’s degree has proved to be efficient in diversifying and inclusion cases.
Moreover, African American students have more opportunities for attaining professional administration when they attend more senior institution during their undergraduate degree pursuance. The underrepresented students try attending such institutions so as to enable them to fit the job market (Williams, 2013). As everything advances, the underrepresented students work on the barriers that impede them from seeking the professional administration of the race, religion, social backgrounds.
Another critical area that Wagner and Locks dwell on is the socialization. Nobody can live in his or her world even when the race, social class, the skin color of the student is considered inferior. Therefore, an admission of a student in an institution that includes people from various ethnic background means that the students will socialize. Socialization enables the student to be part of a given social group; therefore he can be accepted within a given society or the group he or she socializes with at a given time. Socialization in a new environment follows a process, and it begins with anticipation. The student has to understand the norms of the society that surrounds him or her. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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