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UNB 50th Anniversary - Term Paper Example

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The overall theme for this event will be: “In pursuit of Excellence”, similarly the guiding the notion in this occasion will be dubbed: “Looking back into 50years into Brunswick’s excellence and all those people who have been part of the process.”
It should be noted…
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UNB 50th Anniversary
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Extract of sample "UNB 50th Anniversary"

Download file to see previous pages It should be noted that the tones that are to be used here should be welcoming and celebratory in nature and excited with respect to future achievements. Languages that are to be used should display the University’s desire to have a progressive growth platform, creativity and innovation.
The idea of holding the university’s fiftieth anniversary to celebrate the excellent performance of the Brunswick university over the last few decades came to see the light of dawn when the university president and vice- chancellor, professor, Dr. H.E.A (Eddy) Campbell selected a group of experts headed by the university chairman of the council Dr. Edward Young and a couple of other dignitaries from the university and her two daughter campuses to verse the best way through which the university would celebrate her years of god academic performance in he region and the best way to celebrate her being the longest serving center for academic performance in the northern parts of the American sub- continent.
Among these were the Executive Director of the UWI School of Business and Applied Studies (ROYTEC), Mr. Earl Browne, Ms. Anthea Clarke, Subject Head for Management Science and Mathematics, ROYTEC, the principals from all the two campuses and constituent colleges and other learning centers (Belluz, 2008). The meeting passed that the university should an anniversary celebration in remembrance of the good days of academics and social endeavors in the region.
The Brunswick University has been an outstanding center of excellence in the northern American continent having contributed tremendously in almost all areas of knowledge in the region and beyond. He boasts of the largest number of ex- students in the region who have graduated from the university and are doing excellently well in their areas of employment. Graduates from this university since time immemorial are found in almost all sectors of the economic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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UNB 50th Anniversary Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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