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Diversity and Leadership - Assignment Example

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Sandra Tang has handled the situation very well and keeping the organization’s objective and professionalism ahead of everything she believes in the fact that the personal orientations should not be brought in to the action which may impact the organizational…
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Diversity and Leadership
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Extract of sample "Diversity and Leadership"

Part A. Diversity Critique Sandra’s effectiveness at managing diversity in this situation. What did she do well? What could have been improved? Give reasons for your assessment.
Sandra Tang has handled the situation very well and keeping the organization’s objective and professionalism ahead of everything she believes in the fact that the personal orientations should not be brought in to the action which may impact the organizational performance.
However she also realizes that comfort of individuals is of high importance and if any one feels not working with a particular one based on their insecurities, they should not be forced in to it.
Sandra has given Daniel an option as an experiment and as an alternative to see if it works. The professionalism is displayed by Sandra in case when she assures Daniel that nothing pertaining to the private life of the members would be discussed outside the meeting hall.
An element of improvement or better counseling could prevail in form of professional work regardless of the personal orientation.
2 Should Bob get to decide whom he wants to work with? What are the long-term implications of this decision?
Bob has the right to express his concerns, however if people get to chose the members based on people of their orientation and inclination, it would result in a negative impact over the organizational working and would set precedence for a gulf in the atmosphere. What needs to be done both in case of Sandra’s handling of situation and that of Bob is the fact that personal orientations should be kept aloof from professional objectives. Clearly defining who one would want to work with and whom one might want to avoid, it would create a bridge unnecessary and reduce the scope of overall performance achievement.
Part B. Yahoo’s CEO Set to Install Top-Down Management:
Does Carol Bartz seem to have a task-oriented or relationship-oriented leadership style? Justify your answer.
Carol Bartz’s style of leadership has bit of both, task oriented and relationship oriented pattern. For it includes participation as well ensuring that the tasks are being done. With certain considerations such as in time reporting, and keeping away extra gadgets off the meeting halls, speak for the task orientation, however when she asks for people’s take in the process and put them in to her shoes, that is reflective of her relationship oriented leadership style. These two if implemented in a contained and suitable manner, they allow for effective outcome and the blend of two enables achieving what may not be possible to achieve otherwise. Such an approach allows participation, and task completion in time.
2. Using the Full Range Model of Leadership described in your book identify the leadership behavior that most closely aligns with Carol Bartz style. How do you know? 
Different leadership models are available and many people adopt them in different manners to extract the outcomes. Some would follow an achiever’s strategy, others would go for a strategic approach and some would go for an engaging approach (Bluman). The model and style adopted by Carol Bartz is that of engaging and achiever’s policy and model. This is visible and extractable from the fact that she during the meetings asks the members how they would go about the tasks if they were in her shoes, and also with fixed target and limit of target accomplishment, she is fully determined to extracting the output hence an achiever’s strategy. She adopted a dual model strategy with aim of involving the members in the decision making, making them more alert, more active and at the same time expanding the possible options of how the productivity could be enhanced.
Bluman, Jean Lipman. Connective Leadership : Managing in a Changing World: Managing in a Changing World. Oxford University Press, 2000. Read More
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Diversity and Leadership Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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