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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Introduction “Both socialization into the family of orientation, and that in the family of procreation, influence the workplace roles. Girls hear messages abut juggling family and employment that boys do not hear. Even in egalitarian marriage, wives spend much more time on childcare and household tasks than husbands do.” This statement reflects the gender roles that a girl child faces in her life as compared to the boy child…
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Gender and Workplace Roles
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Download file to see previous pages The “family of orientation” involves the family where one is born and subsequently raised while the “family of procreation” is the family one raises through marriage. These two families are part of the nuclear family. I believe that the two families are critical in influencing the family member’s roles in the work place. Gender roles are clearly spelt in families that tend to give the boys a less difficult life as compared to girls mostly at work places. Coming from a minority group, I face double jeopardy when it comes to sexism and discrimination at work because I am of both a minority cluster and a female. I have experienced sexism first hand, as I have been prejudiced and stereotyped while I was doing my internship based on sex. Although I can understand being discriminated for being from a minority group, I cannot grasp the reason as to why I am also being discriminated because I am a woman. I was shocked that people could even use my dressing code to judge and discriminate against me because I wore casual clothes to work on a Saturday. It is shocking that people at the work place can make an issue out of a woman’s dressing code while say nothing of a man. ...
I remember my grandmother spending most time in the kitchen cooking for everyone. She would also serve everyone first before serving herself, and if my grandfather came in the middle of the meal, she would stop eating to attend to him first. To my grandmother this was how a cultured wife behaved (Lamanna and Riedmann 2009). However, things have changed giving rise to the egalitarian marriage that is based on equality. In this family, all are equal and share duties equitably. The spouses both share responsibilities as equals. My family; the orientation family I can boldly state, was my first socializing agent that formulated my ideology of gender duties. By the time I joined school, I had already formed the notion that girls wear dresses and cook while boys do the manual and hard work and they are the hard ones. I observed that this was not a trait only found on me alone as some boys at were often picked on if they cried easily as being girlish. The girls were discouraged from acting boyish by doing things such as playing with bugs or rolling around in the dirt. At such a young age, I easily accepted such norms and behaviours as dedicated by my family and society. That girls were supposed to be clean and elegant is an ideology that has stuck even to the office currently. Men hardly clean, their own working tables but leave it for their female secretaries to clean. It is also acceptable for men to be all sweaty and dirty without complaint but in the case of women, they are often considered irresponsible. A man can be shabbily dressed, and [people still regard the highly but a woman is often discriminates for having a shaggy hair or being dirty (Lindsey 2010). While in college, I observed that female students taking sciences and mathematics courses were fewer than ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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