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The Psycho-Emotional Effects of Gender Inequality in the Workplace - Research Proposal Example

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The research proposal "The Psycho-Emotional Effects of Gender Inequality in the Workplace" details a study aimed at studying the impact on the psycho-emotional state of people of gender inequality in the workplace…
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The Psycho-Emotional Effects of Gender Inequality in the Workplace
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Extract of sample "The Psycho-Emotional Effects of Gender Inequality in the Workplace"

Download file to see previous pages Working women are usually faced with a multitude of challenges. On top of balancing their duties and responsibilities as members of their families, they need to be efficient workers and competitive in their chosen professions.

One main challenge is the issue of proving themselves as worthy employees to gain equal opportunities with men. Sexual stereotypes passed on from generation to generation seem to dictate that women have no place in the workforce and their rightful place is at home, caring for her family. Thus, some workplaces may not be too accepting of the empowerment of women in employment and may strip them of their dignity to make them realize that they do not belong there.

Many researches have investigated the problem of equality rights and gender prejudices in the workplace. Many claim that because of the established dominance of males in the vast number of areas of public life, women are often placed in a disadvantaged position from the very beginning. The main problem seems to be the lower pay of women for the same work in the same position with the same range responsibilities of their male counterparts.

Studies have revealed that such gender inequality has grave effects on women’s perceptions of their efficiency and motivation. Some women fall into the trap of giving in to bleak self-fulfilling prophecies that they are not as good as their male co-workers and eventually prove the expectations to be right.

This research paper explores the perceptions of workers of the realities in the workplace regarding gender equality. It will attempt to investigate the grievances and fulfillments of workers regarding their current jobs, pay, and career advancement and probe the psychological and emotional effects these have on their job performance and motivation.
Due to the significance of equal opportunities to citizens the world over, laws have been passed to ensure that they are available to everyone. These laws have been designed to provide, compensation for those who consider they were discriminated against by reason of sex, marital status, ethnic or national origin, color, race, nationality, age, disability, religion, and different terms of employment, including pay for jobs of equal value.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Psycho-Emotional Effects of Gender Inequality in the Workplace Research Proposal, n.d.)
The Psycho-Emotional Effects of Gender Inequality in the Workplace Research Proposal.
(The Psycho-Emotional Effects of Gender Inequality in the Workplace Research Proposal)
The Psycho-Emotional Effects of Gender Inequality in the Workplace Research Proposal.
“The Psycho-Emotional Effects of Gender Inequality in the Workplace Research Proposal”.
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