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Video Games Addiction - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Video Games Addiction Since I was a child, I loved playing video games. I had all the consoles that were in the market at the young age of 5. My story starts in 2006. I was 18 years old, and it was by first year in college back in my country, Saudi Arabia…
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Video Games Addiction
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"Video Games Addiction"

Download file to see previous pages It was a new gaming console back then. Also, it featured online gaming, which was new for gaming consoles at that time. During my holidays, I used my time playing video games but with the beginning of the second year, I realized that I had to cut back on my video game usage. At first, I tried to play video games only during weekends. That, however, did not last for long. I started to play almost every day for hours. Also, a new soccer game was released, and I used to invite my college friends to my apartment to play with me. We used to play for hours almost every day, and when I couldn’t get anyone to play with be, I just hooked the Play Station 3 to the internet and play online. I started to miss a lot of classes after that and my grades went down. Moreover, LCD screens were first introduced at the market and I was thrilled by the screen resolution, so I bought myself one. It was a Sony 40 Inch LCD screen. This was one of the biggest mistakes I ever did. I started to play video games more than ever, and since I had the best TV, I started to watch a lot of movies. As anyone can imagine, I failed at that semester in two of my four classes. My parents asked me for an explanation about my grades and I never admitted that video games were the main reason. I told them that the classes that I was having were too hard for me, and I will catch up the next semester, which I didn’t. ...
Call of Duty is shooting game that can be played online. This game is what I believe the reason why I quit college. At the end of the second semester of the second year, I got two D’s and one C in my classes. I did not fail at any class, but I was supposed to get high grades in that semester so I can maintain a decent GPA. My GPA was ruined at the previous semester and I had to fix it up, which I hadn’t. It was the end of my second year and the summer had just started. I was going crazy about video games as I was spending all day long playing online. I rarely hanged out with my real friends and I started to gain a lot of weight because all what was doing is eating and playing. I was thinking that during that summer, I would play enough video games that I would lose my interest in them afterwards. I thought if I play a lot, then I will be no longer addicted to video games. I was wrong eventually because when the third year started, and I began to go to school again, nothing had changed. I was becoming more addicted every day. After the first month finished, I was waiting for my first test result, hoping that it would be good. However, I got an F on my first test, and I freaked out. At that moment, I knew that I had no chance to fix up my GPA, and every hope was gone. I stopped attending my classes after that, and I did not attend my cell phone for almost two weeks when my parents called me. After that, I realized that I had to face the reality, and there was no reason to postpone the inevitable. I went back to my home and confronted my parents. I told them that classes were too hard for me, and no matter how hard I studied, I couldn’t keep up. I stayed home after that for three ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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