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Violence in video games - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “Violence in Video Games” the author analyzes a possibility of video game addiction over a large population of students and small children. The addiction might not be more harmful as compared to alcohol but the fact that it is an addiction too means that it has its side effects…
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Violence in video games
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Extract of sample "Violence in video games"

Download file to see previous pages Such a lifestyle could only cause the individual to develop obesity among other poor health conditions, which can stimulate other health problems such as heart diseases and blood pressure. Research has gone ahead to show that playing video games increases the risk of suffering from many other diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and many more. Still on the health effects caused by video games, children and other players are likely to experience failing of vision. It is not healthy to the individual’s eyes when one spends long hours staring at the screen of the computer due to too much harmful radiation emitted as light. Many are the times when game addicts spend sleepless nights playing games. Those that do better will sleep late in the night for very few hours. Doctors and other medical officers have done their research and recommended that every human being should sleep for at least seven hours to keep mentally fit. Anyone therefore failing to follow this recommendation could be exposing themselves to risks of mental illnesses. This therefore means that by spending sleepless nights playing video games as many addicts do, may most likely invite mental instability to themselves. This implies that sleeping disorder is another health effect caused by playing video games. When students and children get addicted to playing video games, it becomes time consuming. This is how children end up wasting time that could have been used in carrying out better and meaningful activities such as reading and performing other chores. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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