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When Life Imitates Video by John Leo - Essay Example

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This study will present a critical analysis of the article “When Life Imitates Video” by John Leo. The present research has identified that the writer has certainly done a job well to bring the matter of tolerating real-world violence into notice…
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When Life Imitates Video by John Leo
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Extract of sample "When Life Imitates Video by John Leo"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that the article revolves around the possibility of real-life events beings strikingly similar to those portrayed in violent video games. The author, a writer by heart, has done service to the public by indulging in writing different society centered articles and serving practically for the betterment of higher academics for the past few decades. This article could well be ascertained as a continuation of the chain of his service to his fellow beings. Commencing with the mentioning of a Colorado incident in which teenagers indulged in a violent shooting spree that eventually led to the killing of themselves at their own hands, the author is pained at noticing the obvious influence of gaming on youngsters. It is perceived by the writer that the actions of youngsters were influenced by situations in video games. The opening paragraph gives an evident idea of the purpose with which the author has written it. The purpose of the writer, mainly, is to highlight how scenarios portrayed in violent video games are being adapted to real life by the youngsters who are deeply influenced by them. The audience the writer targets are individuals within the general public and also the video games’ manufacturers. The widespread use of video games and the parents’ leverage given to kids to play them with ease gives an idea that parents are unaware of the hazards involved with the games. The author aims to target these oblivious parents as the audience trying to bring them to light about the alarming problem at hand. Quoting logic and reason, the author tries to clearly signify the relationship that exists between violence in video games and real world mishaps. The argument most presumably set forth by video games promoters that there basically is no direct link that could prove the effect of violence in video games on youngsters and their real-life issues have been responded well by the customer. Understanding the opposing viewpoint’s position, the writer accepts that there may be personal issues involved with the personalities of individuals who show being affected by the violence related mentality but this mainly is, in the words of the writer, the weakest point that should be addressed. According to the writer, the individual youngsters that come from strong-willed and well brought up families are less likely to fall prey to these violence-prone games. It mainly is the distressed and the oppressed youngsters only who find their refuge in the video games where they find all the violence to lure their oppressed and neglected thoughts, a perfect place to let go of their frustrations. The problem, according to the writer, is that millions of youngsters of the current society are indulged in activities that would do nothing but hurt their counterparts and themselves alike, considering this as being no objectionable practice whatsoever. All this is owing to the fact that oppression has been made an everyday affair by the everyday use of violence-laden video games. The author inputs logic into his writing beautifully by mentioning the point of view of Dr. David Grossman of Arkansas State University who is both a psychologist and a retired Army officer. His point of view is of immense importance as he assesses the situation from two distinct aspects, both from a psychologist’s and an army officer’s point of view. He completely seconds the stance of the author adding that enabling kids and youngsters to get indulged into electronic games at such an extensive rate has made it common for them to think of killing someone no matter what the situation. The severity of the matter has been eliminated by the realistic aspects introduced into the games such as those of the armory being just like real-world weapons and also the scenarios being very realistic as well. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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