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How video game addiction is going to affect people - Research Paper Example

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Since video gaming has become a very popular form of entertaining, engaging in a process many different people all over the world, it also has become a matter of concerns for scholars. Certain benefits were found from video gaming (for example, a memory training, multitasking…
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How video game addiction is going to affect people
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Download file to see previous pages recognized as a disorder yet, no diagnosis was officially made, but with more data coming from studies, and as a result from a general social discussion, video game overuse shows outcomes similar to other types of addiction. Due to its specific learning nature, a video game addiction targets a prone audience, affecting body, mind and specifically, social relations of gamers.
Firstly, it’s in the nature of games to involve participants in a virtual reality, and keep them gaming. Designers of video games are consciously trying to create better strategies, more interesting plots and more advanced gaming conditions to bring a greater audience in a game, generally by making game more realistic (“What Makes a Video Game”). The goal is to simulate a real reaction from virtual stimuli. Flanagan reports that despite video games may differ very much one from another, designers always hire a reward system principle for a video game (Flanagan). In real life, a reward system controls behavior by satisfaction felt from particular actions. “Its a very simple and primitive part of who we are, and we react the same way to everything, from food and sex, to education and even our relationships with our parents” (Flanagan). Feeling satisfaction from a certain action is reasoned on a biochemical level, coming with a dopamine (hormone and neurotransmitter) release, making brain evaluate action as a worth of trying (normal examples are a reproduction for saving specie, eating and sleeping for living and etc.) (Paturel).
Similarly to a reward system in real life, a video game consists of a number of small tasks (it may be killing monsters, or finding treasures and etc.) for each gamer to complete and to receive a reward when accomplishing. The form of a reward varies from game to game, and most commonly they are score systems and levels, empowering gamers with greater abilities. Yet the outcome is always a release of dopamine, and satisfaction. “Researchers at Hammersmith ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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