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Argue about the misconception of Technology in Children Lives (Research based arguments of minimal 5 sources- 2 primary, 3 secondary, minimal 2 scholarly sources, needs citation in each paragraph) - Essay Example

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Back when I was a child, I always love playing with my gadget. Either it was applications for games; notebook, camera, or social media, using a highly technological gadget was giving me lot of…
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Argue about the misconception of Technology in Children Lives (Research based arguments of minimal 5 sources- 2 primary, 3 secondary, minimal 2 scholarly sources, needs citation in each paragraph)
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Extract of sample "Argue about the misconception of Technology in Children Lives (Research based arguments of minimal 5 sources- 2 primary, 3 secondary, minimal 2 scholarly sources, needs citation in each paragraph)"

Download file to see previous pages I could edit picture easily at my phone, mixing music through the application, and specialize for chatting and texting. However, I recently realized that children now on is smarter than me for using technology. The toddlers were being introduced to IPod and keep playing with their gadget instead of playing with their friends. I also find out that child in this era has being addicted to games and not being responsible for their assignment. Skoric feels that addiction is not simply playing video games throughout but playing video games to the point of neglecting their responsibilities. However, people think --parents--that technology really helps child to learn and enhance more creativity. "Is it true that technology educate child to a better learner or it actually isolated them from the world and changes their behavior?" I believe that technology is harming the children because of the negative effects it is giving them.
Children of today are mostly on their phones and iPods playing games. This leads them to becoming game addicts and inactive in other things that can help make their life improve such as studying. For example, they just sit in their bedrooms playing games and there is drop in their school performance. According Skoric in Cyberpsychology & behavior, trend of addiction are negatively related to academic performance. This is because they give more of attention to playing video games than school work. The child put effort to win the games and miss out on the value of educations. Mostly, the children who get addicted to these games have problem with interacting with other kids because they spend a lot of time on computer device playing video games. These make them even more addicted and there is a drop in their academics since they do not create time to study (Skoric 572).
However, this game can also be good for the children if they play for reasonable amount of time. Skoric describes that it may ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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