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Mmigration, Migration, and Society - Essay Example

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Name Professor Institution Course Date Immigration, Migration, and Society Introduction Feminists in the field of political theory have complained of the exclusion of women concerns and participation from the arena of politics. Problems bedeviling women have further been compounded by the immigration controls that are more favorable to men than to women…
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Mmigration, Migration, and Society
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, immigration had become a problem in the United Kingdom because of the government’s failure to man its borders. This situation led to a mass influx of immigrants through the porous borders into the country. In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in the number of migrants from the new EU member countries. By the year 2010, immigrants from these countries stood at 20% while the other 80% accounted for immigrants from non-EU member countries (Cohen, 2001). In the UK, the responsibility of administering immigration control rests with the Home Department’s Secretary of State. The Secretary delegates most of the functions of this office to his subordinates. The controls enforced by these state officers are defined by the legislature and interpreted by the judiciary (Rosenblatt and Lewis, 1997). The Secretary of State is further expected to exercise some discretion while making his decisions related to immigration controls. Depending on the nature of the decision made, the concerned party can appeal against the decision via a judicial review or an independent appellate body (Rosenblatt and Lewis, 1997). ...
Further, the employers are required by the Act to employ persons with valid work permits only. Migrations are said to be caused by factors such as; desire to create wealth, escape from war or civil strife, and taking jobs abroad. Migrations are best described by push-pull factors. Factors such as civil strife will tend to push people away from their home countries, as better incomes pull them elsewhere. It is the prerogative of the receiving country to define the status of its visitors. The receiving government can label the visitors as, business travelers, tourists, asylum seekers, refugees, or immigrants. These groupings determine the rights and obligations of the titleholder (Agustin, 2006). Most of the illegal migrants who come into the United Kingdom fail to secure decent jobs. The immigrants leave their home countries with hopes of making a better living in the foreign country. The aspiration held by most of these entrants is that they will make enough money and maybe get back to their home countries. These hopes are quickly thwarted by the harsh realities they encounter in the receiving country. For instance in the United Kingdom, their illegal statuses deny them a chance to acquire requisite work permits. This then leads them to engage in dehumanizing trades to make a living. Some of these immigrants are forced into prostitution; a vice they had not intended to get into in the first place (Agustin, 2006). Immigrants engaged in selling sex face a myriad of hardships because of the lack of regulation and protection for practitioners in this trade. These sex workers are often times maltreated. Politic of Gender and Immigration control Immigration controls are notorious in disrupting family lives. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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