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The Effects of Immigration Laws/Reform on the Latino Community - Research Paper Example

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Running head: What are the effects of Immigration laws/Reform on the Latino community? What are the effects of Immigration laws/Reform on the Latino community? Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert 31 May 2012 Introduction The effects of immigration laws on the Latino community are diverse in essence and implication making it a complex subject of discussion…
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The Effects of Immigration Laws/Reform on the Latino Community
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Extract of sample "The Effects of Immigration Laws/Reform on the Latino Community"

Download file to see previous pages Several states have different legislations governing immigration. As a result, the effects of immigration laws on the Latino community vary from state to state. Immigration is common in every country or region and has merits and demerits in equal measure. Since immigration cannot be wished away, governments develop laws that describe or regulate immigration. Such laws provide a blueprint on the manner in which immigration takes place to minimize the problems associated with immigration. Immigration supplies labor to host states increasing the pool of workforce. However, immigration is a disadvantage to natives due to the aspect of competition for jobs. Other problems associated with immigration are crime and security implications. Strict immigration laws have led to the departure of illegal immigrants to other friendly areas (Fix & Tumlin, 1997). States with tougher legislations on immigration scare away immigrants thus reducing their presence. Such an exodus of immigrants has a multitude of effects on the respective regions mainly because of the reduction of the immigrant community’s size. ...
The effects have been wide with employers lamenting the reduction of the immigrant community seeking employment. On the positive side, unconfirmed sources have cited a reduction in crime rates. The Significance of the Research Paper This research paper is of immense significance. This is because little information based on comprehensive research has been published on the implications of immigration regulations on the Latino community. The community has an immense presence in the United States making it one among the leading immigration groups in the country’s history. Several states have different regulations governing immigration of Latinos, but no efforts in establishing the inherent impact of the laws on the community. As a result, the research paper will fill the vacuum left by the failure to comprehensively analyze the precise implications of such laws on Latino community. Research Question The research paper will endeavor to provide succinct response to the already established research question, which will guide the entire discussion of the subject matter. The research question to be answered in the paper is as follows: What are the effects of Immigration laws/Reform on the Latino community? Literature Review In the past decades, the Latino community has been subjected to tough and restricting legislations by various states in the United States (Interpreter Releases, 1997). The effects of these legislations have been immense. The most common example of the plight of the Latino community is the insensitive immigration decree of Arizona. The state is an example of the consequences of immigration regulations for the Latino community. As US Supreme Court considers the legitimacy of some of the laws’ stipulations, many opine they are living in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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