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In the paper “Massive immigration to the United States” the author analyzes the question of immigration Latinos immigrant. The country has now the biggest population of Latinos immigrant in history, comprising of 16% of American where a few decade ago they were only less than 2%…
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Massive immigration to the United States
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Download file to see previous pages In 1980, the Cuban government ordered jailed criminals, prostitute and people crying for their relative to leave the country. His policy involved of getting rid of the most of dependent people in the country. Therefore, the massive deportation of the Cuban in the 1980 is what is referred to as the Mariel boatlift signifying the departure of Cuban, who had their relative in the U.S through the port of Mariel (Berman, 2008).
The Mariel Boatlift refugees settled on Miami while they reached on the United States territory. However, some dispersed to other areas in the country after having a stint in Miami. They inflated the Miami population and affected the labor sector creating high level of unemployment. Those who remained in Miami were employed in manufacturing, construction, and textile and in retail of goods and service sectors (Bodvarsson et al. 2007).
The condition surrounding the refugees in Cuba was devastating. From the time, Castro gave permit to his political competitors the relative that were left behind found life so difficult and were urging the government to consider helping them. This angered Castrol and authorized for their deportation. However, the process of moving the relatives to the shore was inhuman as they were dragged and abused by the Castrol’s soldiers. Moreover, instead of planning and organizing for the departure of Cuban exiles, the authority coursed relative into different bouts without caring for their safety. It is one of the traumatizing journeys in the history of immigration. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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