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The Facts of Immigration in the United States - Term Paper Example

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 This paper "The Facts of Immigration in the United States" discusses the topic of illegal immigration in the United States of America. Also, the paper focuses on neighboring countries of Mexico and Cuba have mainly created the wave of illegal immigration currently prevailing in the United States. …
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The Facts of Immigration in the United States
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Extract of sample "The Facts of Immigration in the United States"

Download file to see previous pages Throughout the world, people strive to maintain and higher their standards of living and thus America being an attractive country for standards is an ideal place for people to immigrate to. These illegal immigrants are both beneficial and harmful to the United States of America.  These illegal immigrants have a great effect on the internal structure of the country and also have an effect on the economy of the country. People immigrating to the United States have a basic reason for maintaining their living standards or get united with their families currently living there (Dudley, 2002). Illegal immigrants have yet not been allowed by the government of the United States to live and work on the land with their consent. This is mainly because of the damages caused by these immigrants throughout the country. The immigrants currently living on the land of the United States is increasing rapidly and is making the situation alarming for the authorities. The population of the whole country is increasing day by day and thus the problems in the country are increasing. Illegal immigrants have a direct impact on the employment rate of Native Americans. This is because of the cheap labor provided by these illegal immigrants to the employer. And naturally due to the cheap labor provided by these illegal immigrants they are preferred by the employers. It is estimated that these immigrants have dislocated 730,000 jobs in this process (Hazen & Lane, 1998). On the other hand, these illegal immigrants add up to the already congested traffic in the United States of America. The required formalities before driving are not met by these illegal immigrants and thus these illegal immigrants are involved in more fatal accidents on the road. These illegal immigrants not only break the rules of the state but also destroy the image of the state. However, on the other hand, these illegal immigrants have been of a great benefit to the whole economy of the United States. The jobs done by the illegal immigrants throughout the United States are solely done by them and are not done by any other Native American. These illegal immigrants are especially being called upon by employers so that they can work on particular jobs which can only be done by them. This helps to fill the requirements of the United States in terms of labor. Similarly, it is also commonly said that illegal immigrants are not openly paying taxes to the government and are therefore affecting the whole economy of the United States. However, with the help of a massive research campaign, it was found out the illegal immigrants are paying taxes in accordance with the state's policy. Illegal immigrants helped to make $428 dollars to the states gross domestic product in the year of 2006 (Newman, 2006). This shows that even without the documents these illegal immigrants are partially paying the taxes of the state. It is shown through extensive research that immigrants play a vital role in stabilizing the economy of the United States (Flash, 1965). They also play a varying role in different work fields and bring both skilled and unskilled labor to the United States. And it is also seen that these immigrants have a lower crime turn over rate than the Native Americans (Flash, 1965).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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