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Emigrant and Immigration: How does immigration affect the US economy - Research Paper Example

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Often the need for better facilities, living conditions and job opportunities attract the people to migrate to new areas. Since the development of science and technology, USA had become the best…
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Emigrant and Immigration: How does immigration affect the US economy
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Extract of sample "Emigrant and Immigration: How does immigration affect the US economy"

Download file to see previous pages experienced considerable number of migration especially immigration flows from Asia and other regions of the world over the years and this had led to changes in the emigration to immigration policies of the countries. Though there are many positive outcomes of these immigrants, there are negative aspects too. Despite the issues of security owing to immigrants in the nation, one cannot ignore the different positive effects of such inflow.
Emigration and immigration are the two forms of migration. When a person moves out of his native country, he has emigrated, and he becomes an emigrant. If he moves in to a new country and settles there, he is said to have immigrated and becomes an immigrant (Immigration vs Emigration, n.d.).  It was observed that over the last ten to twenty years majority of the immigrants arrived in Europe mainly for family reasons or family reunification or family formation. In the period of the 1960s and 1970s these migrants were basically the ‘Guest workers’ or the low-skilled workers hired in the countries. The early ideas on migration factor explained all forms of migration to be an outcome of wage differentials or the differences as seen in the unemployment levels. Given the widening and persistent gaps in wages and employments between the developing countries and the advanced Western World, the old conventional migration theories would not be able to explain the bulk size of the migration rate (Bijwaard, 2008, p.4). Ethnic origins can also matter. The problems in information for the migrants might be more complicated than the actual perceived levels both in terms of distance and in cross culture between the host and the source country (Bijwaard, 2008, p.9). Immigration in the developed countries had accelerated in exponential rates in the last two-three decades. It was estimated that in the beginning of the 1990s these immigrants had accounted in considerable numbers for the labor force in these developed western economies (Edin, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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