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Sociology - Egyptian Culture - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Egyptian Culture Culture refers to the beliefs and behaviors characteristic of a particular ethnic, social, or age group. It can also be referred to as the quality in a society or a person, which results from a concern for what is believed to be excellent in manners, arts, scholarly pursuits, arts and letters…
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Sociology - Egyptian Culture
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Download file to see previous pages After the Pharonic regime, Egyptian culture was initially influenced by Hellenism, then Christianity, and later Islamic and Arabic culture. Currently, Egypt is a nation with an immense culture mix. Many aspects of ancient Egyptian culture, which was immensely influenced by Pharonic culture, exist in interaction with newer elements as well as influence modern Western culture. Egypt’s population is estimated at 71 million. This number comprises about 62 million Sunni Muslims and around 8 to 9 million Coptic Christians (Christian Egyptians) (Moscovitch 45). Whether Copt or Muslim, almost all Egyptians are moderately religious and religious norms and practices are common phenomena in their daily lives. Every member of an Egyptian family is responsible for the integrity of his or her family, and for the conduct of other members. This has created a society that is cherished by many people from Western nations. Egypt is one of the nations where family bonds are stronger than in the West, and this is the reason as to why Egyptian cities and towns are safer than any Western cities and towns (Moscovitch 22). Egypt is believed to be the cultural capital of the Arab world. Most of the Arab cinemas and televisions are dominated by the Egyptian film industry and television including popular Arab Music (Moscovitch 66). The Egyptian Ministry of Culture controls a variety of western-style cultural institutions like the National Puppet Theater, the National Symphony, the Cairo Opera House, and Egyptian Museums. Egypt has produced some of the most popular and greatest 20th Century Arab writers from Tawfiq Al Hakim, and Taha Hussein to Nobel prize-winner novelist Naguib Mahfouz (Siddiq 96). This nation has also produced some of the excellent modern artisans such as Azza Fahmy, brilliant jewelry designer, and her sister Randa Fahmy, who revived the art of Mamluki metalwork single-handedly (Siddiq 45). People Egyptians are friendly, modest and hospitable people. They also have a sense of moderation and balance. However, Egyptians have a tendency of resting solutions and changes. Most of them believe that war is the only best solution to solve problems. For instance, Ma’lesh and Insha’Allah are some of the common vocabulary for visitors (Siddiq 34). When visiting Egypt, infinite patience is the key to enjoying this nation’s hospitality. Egypt also has some of its key problems: over 40 percent of its men are illiterate, and the number of illiterate females exceeds this figure by far. Most Egyptian towns are overpopulated, and the people living in these towns are extremely poor. Egyptian wealth is unequally distributed among the citizens as the gap between the rich and the poor is wide. It is essential to note that Egyptian culture does not classify its people according to titles or social class, therefore, the only way to go up the social ladder is by obtaining more wealth (Budge 204). Egyptians are extremely proud of their culture but sensitive to their present. This is the reason why most Egyptians do not like journalist poking cameras before their faces, unless they are photographed next to what they are proud of, or in their best situations. Egyptian culture does not accept racism, and they treat foreign visitors with tolerance and respect (Budge 45). Arabic is the widely spoken language in Egypt. Classical Arabic is used in formal writing and media, but the spoken Arabic varies from one community ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sociology - Egyptian Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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