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The Afterlife and Great Leaders of Great Civilizations - Essay Example

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The following paper will analyze a text “The Autobiography of Harkhuf,” from the Ancient Egyptian Literature: A Book of Readings, Vol. 1: The Old and Middle Kingdoms which presents an idea about ancient Egyptians- their religion, culture, economy, and politics…
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The Afterlife and Great Leaders of Great Civilizations
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"The Afterlife and Great Leaders of Great Civilizations"

Download file to see previous pages Ancient Egyptians believed that their dead go to an Afterlife, and that the latter could continue to affect the living’s fortunes. For example, in “Above the Entrance” it says that those who pass by his tomb and say “a thousand loaves and beer jugs / For the owners of this tomb” will get a loyal guard for life in form of Harkhuf’s spirit, while those who “[enter] the tomb unclean” would be seized “by the neck like a bird” and “be judged for it by the great God.”  The text suggests that respect for people in authority does not end with their death. It shows that the ancient Egyptians believed in the power of the dead in affecting their lives, so they found it essential to show proper respect to their tombs. In addition, ancient Egyptians appeared to believe that good deeds in real life resulted to good rewards in the Afterlife. The “Above the Entrance” talks about the good works of Harkhuf. In particular, it says that he gave “bread to the hungry,” “clothing to the naked,” and “brought the boatless to the land.”  In other words, he was a kind and helpful public servant. He was generous to all. His charity could be connected to him being an “excellent equipped spirit,”  because his goodness could be rewarded well in the Underworld. The text indicates that life after death reflects the goodness of one’s lived life. Moreover, the ancient Egyptians had a complex religious system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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