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Sociology - Ladies and Gentlemen - Essay Example

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Ladies and Gentlemen Survey & Report Some may believe that being “gentleman” or a “lady” in today’s society is an outdated notion, but others may disagree. The above mentioned statement is a factual statement. There are some people who believe that being lady or gentleman in today’s modern era is an obsolete notion but others believe that the characteristics of ladies and gentleman still prevail in today’s society and if they do not exist, then they must be initiated because of their distinctness and sophistication…
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Sociology - Ladies and Gentlemen
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Download file to see previous pages A well rounded person is the one who has tasted all sort of different flavours. As mentioned in “The Courtier’, in order to be a well rounded person, a person should have certain characteristics. For instance, a person should learn about different cultures and about world as well. Nowadays, it can be done through reading books, reading magazines, watching documentaries etc. Person should also be fond of tasting new flavours of food. In order to be well rounded, a person has to be open-minded, which means that he should accept new things even if they don’t look interesting at first. Travelling is another important characteristic of well rounded person as it provides them new opportunities and experiences. Apart from these activities, a person who wishes to become well rounded person also must have a schedule to try new activities. He must also be willing to educate himself about the distinct cultures and traditions. The more experience a person gains, the more are the chances for him to be an ideal well rounded person. ...
(2) Create a “survey” based on the identified characteristics and “poll” at least ten people to find out whether or not the characteristics are relevant for a “gentleman” or “lady” of today. If the core qualities of gentleman and ladies are to be considered then there are chances for a person to be respected like gentleman or ladies today, according to recently conducted survey, there are some qualities which must be ensured for a person to be a gentleman or ladies. The characteristics of a well rounded person are not much aligned with the characteristics which are required for a gentleman. For instance, today’s those businessmen and managers who are kind and successful are an ideal example of a gentleman. The etiquettes of gentleman of Victorian Era are the most popular of all and are still prevailing in most of the countries. In Victorian Era, there are certain lists of characteristics or etiquettes which must be followed especially when a person is with a lady. A gentleman is supposed to be respectful and kind when he is with a lady, in contrast to that well rounded person is causal and informal when he’s with a lady. (3) Tabulate and discuss the responses in terms of gender, age, vocation, etc. of your survey participants, making note of any interesting or surprising results which show up in your poll answers. According to the survey which was conducted to determine the results about gentleman and ladies, participants responded in a very distinct manner. The thing which amazed me was that even in this modern era, people still believe in the old Victorian Era especially the female participants were found to be very much interested in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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