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SOCIOLOGY 238: SOCIOLOGY OF MEN - : FALL 2013 : - Term Paper Example

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Sociology of Men in Gone with the Wind and Full Metal Jacket Subject: Curse Terms used: 14 A movie is a visual medium that engrosses different gazes that portray certain standpoints. Victor Fleming’s Gone with the Wind is an ageless classic that expresses how life was during the American Civil War…
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Download file to see previous pages... The two primary female characters in this film, Melanie and Scarlett, are represented distinctively. Melanie is represented as a lady and traditionally feminine while Scarlett is portrayed as lacking ‘lady’ attributes and follows a conventionally masculine way of discerning and behaving. Additionally, the two primary male characters, Rhett and Ashley, are represented distinctively. Ashley is portrayed as possessing qualities of a gentleman while Rhett is represented as traditionally masculine (Fleming 1). These show the sexual dimorphism between the characters in the film. Notably, this film portrays Rhett as a man who lacks manners that constitute a gentleman. On the other hand, Scarlet is represented as lacking self-effacing and gentleness attributes of a woman, and this is contrary to what the doctrine of the separate spheres which describes women as powerless. Scarlet values the thin crust of femininity in her. Her actions are more masculine than feminine. This is because she talks and acts like a man and knows what she desires in life and attains it in the shortest route like a man and not in the concealed and winding routes familiar to women. She uses her femininity in a masculine way to suit her desires. Scarlett is seen to have independence and temperament that belonged to the strongest men of that period. Her flirtatious attribute is seen as a dishonest technique she uses that is similar to a man’s cunning attribute. In this film, Scarlet is represented as beautiful and elegant and uses her beauty to dominate and have power over men (Fleming 1). Rhett is portrayed to possess similar masculinity. He is represented as strong and self-reliant. Nonetheless, as Melanie lacks the elegance and high-spiritedness that Scarlet has Rhett lacks the gentleness in a man that Ashley possesses. He is skilled at deception such as Scarlett and allows her to see his inner self because he perceives that he is secure with such selfish women. However, Rhett has a soft spot for Scarlett and their daughter (Fleming 1). Because of the great depression that engulfed the state during this period, men were becoming more emasculated because of their incapability to cater for the needs of their families. As a result, men in this film are represented as abusive and violent towards women. This is seen in one scene where, Rhett violently threatens Scarlet and beats her away to the bed-chamber in order to have his way with her. Although Scarlet makes attempts fighting back, eventually Rhett wins and takes her against her resolve. However, in the movie, Scarlet is seen the next morning smiling and thinking how she enjoyed the experience of battery she got from Rhett. To the audience of viewer, it seemed right to treat a woman that way since Scarlet seemed to secretly enjoy the ordeal. Nonetheless, Rhett apologized to her, hoping that this would make a difference and make everything better (Fleming 1). Victor Fleming’s framing of this film is based along gender lines of the old America. At the end of the film, one can note that Rhett and Scarlett are ‘masculine’ to the extent that their selfish actions cause exclusion from the society. The film glorifies the strong and bright woman who can survive to see the future. Similarly, Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket confronts gender and masculinity in numerous scenes. In reality, the movie lacks the role of women since it has only three female characters. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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