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Importance of Ideal Types Importance of Ideal Types Max Weber, a German ant positivist sociologist, laid the foundation for Ideal Types. He wanted to establish sociology as an objective social science…
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The Importance of Ideal Types
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Download file to see previous pages Weber studied the history as a relationship of cause and effect. It is impossible to quote all events which were interrelated to the cause and effect of an event in history and thus a social scientist must only choose events which he deemed important. Weber is antagonistic to all theories, propositions and methods that claim to describe history in detail as reality can not be deduced from a given set of concepts and theories in his opinion. He believes all these theories are ‘emanationist’ and far from real life; they are just a reflection of the words or reports of a social scientist and nothing else. (LEE, D., & NEWBY, H. (1983). In human society, it is almost impossible to calculate human activities which are either based on one’s emotions or habits. These humanly acts are considered irrational by natural science but social science handles them perfectly. Such cases impose a deviation from rational reality to irrational arguments. He explained it better by giving an instance of a stock exchange market where you firs consider all the rational propositions of conducting any act of conduct and then you ponder upon the irregularities caused by irrational factors. These unreasonable factors can be explained by a sociologist and then further implications be based on his concepts But in actuality, we are focusing on the social scientist’s point of view and emphasizing our research thereon. This is not a right frame of action; and thus Weber came up with his concept of ‘ideal’ or ‘pure type’. (LEE, D., & NEWBY, H. (1983). Weber explains Ideal Types as a one-sided perception of one or more view points by accumulation and amalgamation of distinct, disseminate, sometimes present but mostly absent individual experiences. These accentuations are all compiled together in a incorporated analytical demeanor. It is a utopia because in reality, mental setup can not be found anywhere empirically. Weber practical approach has divided the ideal types into three phases. In the first phase, he considered ideal types to be used as heuristic tools to understand the historical and social phenomena clearly. Subsequently in the middle phase, the ideal types were deemed so important to be considered as the highlight of social sciences. In the final phase, ideal types were subdivided into three categories in an attempt to realize universal history. These were types of religious societies, economic organization types and categories of authority. Other people regard Weber ideal types as general type and individual types. But Weber is tended towards focusing on heuristic means of ideal types rather than on the sociological investigation. (O'HEAR, A. (1996). Ideal types were classified into four broad types according to Weber. These are emotional rationality, goal rationality, value rationality, and traditional rationality (the customs and habits). The characteristics of Ideal types are hereditary notion, not a premise or supposition only; and assists in organizing the historical and pragmatic reality of life. It is of crucial importance to take into consideration that ideal types are constantly formulated and changed due to changes in history and differing perceptions of different people. Ideal types itself is not a hypothesis but helps in the formulation of several hypotheses. It does not give a deep insight into reality but gives an unmistakable insight or expression into reality. In actuality, it deal with how far does the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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