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Refute or support the claim that the male body is both the norm and ideal body in medical practice - Essay Example

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Gender as many people would put it is a cultural description. It is basically described as a cultural subject that deals with the differences of man and woman. Others describe it as a social construction of sex or psychosocial description to sexed identity.
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Refute or support the claim that the male body is both the norm and ideal body in medical practice
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Extract of sample "Refute or support the claim that the male body is both the norm and ideal body in medical practice"

Download file to see previous pages Feminism is a controversial topic nowadays. It aims to empower women and gave women equal rights with that of what men have. Their voice in our society plays an important role such that they are given chances to point out their views or perspectives in the topics of their concern.
One of the most controversial topics that feminists won't dare give up is the topic that deals with the issue of equality if not the issue of who among the two sexes was advantageous over the other. Of the pertinent issues in this perspective comes the claim that the male body is both the norm and ideal body in medical practice.
We define norms as the set of standards that was set before or emanated few years ago, which is then and was still considered as true unless proven wrong or something that has of flawless evidences and have scientific basis.
Ideal as we all knew, referred to one thing that is commonly desired by most people in the society. It is also considered as an honest to goodness thing we all ought to have or acquire. The definitions of the two important terminologies in the statement at least made it clear to us what it tries to convey.
For me, I definitely refute the claim that the male body is both the norm and ideal body in medical practice. As we all know, the moment we open our eyes when we are still a baby, the kind of system our society have is the patriarchal system. In this system man is the dominant sex or gender. When I say dominant, I mean that man dominated all the aspects and features of the world we live in. by this, it implies that the role of women is secondary with that of men.
Medical practices rely mainly on the subject that they are dealing with. Their methods and materials depend on how complex their subject is. Even in medicine the conflict between genders is not exempted. The surgeons tend to identify themselves as good one and very able if they are man due to their capability to do things that they say woman cannot do. This idea or kind of thinking was identified before way back to ancient times until recently that there are growing numbers of female doctor's and nurses in the world.
In history, men are the ideal creatures to be the subject of every study. This is due to the kind of system we have, but as we go along and modernized, the role of women in the society is eventually changed. This is mainly due to the fact that there are women who fight and prove the world that they can do more than what others expect them to do or what others think of as their limitations. Today woman's body had also been used in the medical field. As the world modernizes it also opened its coverage to the possibility that a woman's body is also an ideal body to be used in medical practices.
The role of history extended to that of practices made in the medical world. Before only man are used in the field as the subject for human study of its anatomy and the processes it undergoes. Also, according to the theory of feminist or feminism, the relationship between biological sexual differences and the way we construct our social aspect of gender, which is a system of variable history, is an advantage to man and a lot more disadvantageous to women. Our culture dictate to us gendered meanings and maintains traditional divisions among genders. This implies that in different fields of practices man generally overpower women not only in strength but also, man and woman compete for the chance to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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