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Managing Caring for Adult with Critical/Acute Health Care Needs - Essay Example

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Managing Care for Adult with Critical/Acute Health Care Needs The health of a person is a vital aspect that should be given ultimate attention. This is especially directed to people who have critical conditions. These are people that need constant help since they are not able to perform numerous activities…
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Managing Caring for Adult with Critical/Acute Health Care Needs
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Download file to see previous pages For example, such conditions require constant medication (Foreman, Milisen and Fulmer, 2009:12). In addition to this, the conditions may require medicine that boosts the body’s functionality. As such, the medicine is vital in maintaining a person’s stable health. However, if this is not given maximum attention, the affected person may not get better in the meanest time (McGuire and Costa-i-Font, 2012: 256). Similarly, if maximum attention is not given to such persons they are likely to develop other complications which are associated with the infection. This could lead to further deterioration of the health of the person and in bizarre incidences, it could lead to death. When managing a sick person, there are a number of actions that should be involved in ensuring the health of the person is stable. First, there is a need to take a keen look at the person’s daily development. This is a critically ill person and needs constant attention. The critically ill person is not in a position to take care of his own health. Therefore, it is a prudent approach by the management to ensure the person is taking the stated drugs as per the prescription. The drugs are useful in ensuring his health is back to normalcy. Without such an approach, the person is likely to miss taking the drugs. This will be detrimental to his health as it may worsen. For instance, when the drugs are not administered at the right time, the functionality of the body will not be at its optimum. This could lead to cropping up of other opportunistic diseases, which will put his health in a quagmire. The second role in the management of the sick person was ensuring the person had substantive exercises and had a balanced diet. A sick person needs exercise and food just like any other person. This is to help the body recuperate to a better health. The food ensures the body organs are working properly and are helping the body to attain the much needed energy to stabilize the person’s health. However, when this is not done, the person is likely to get malnourished. As such, the person will lack energy to perform some activities on his own. For instance, a sick person that lacks energy will be adversely affected as he may not be able to move from one place to another. Similarly, the sick person will be affected in that he might not be able to feed himself. Exercises are equally important to a sick person. Exercises help the person to maintain a stable body balance as the metabolic activities are enhanced with exercises. Similarly, exercises enable the person to be active and get involved in some of the healthy activities which include socialising. Lastly, there was a need for constant evaluation of the person. This would help in noting the development in his health status. It is known that some diseases are likely to affect aging people in the society. These people have been through a number of issues and the complications may have been developing in the body though they were unnoticed. As such, old people are likely to have complications as compared to young people that have not gone through the conditions in life. This paper focuses on a 56 year old man who has a number of health complications. Initially, the man was admitted to hospital after constant complaints of shortness of breath. This was followed by a record of high respiratory rate and low saturation of oxygen in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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