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Abuse of adult learning disability in residential homes - Essay Example

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They face problems during education, employment, daily works and social interactions. Hence, they need psychological, educational and technical assistance to cope with the…
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Abuse of adult learning disability in residential homes
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Extract of sample "Abuse of adult learning disability in residential homes"

Download file to see previous pages The term Learning disability is used to address those people who function at an intellectual level which is considerably lower that that of the average people in the community (Thomas and Woods, 2003, p. 11). Learning disabilities is the general phrase that is used to refer to a varied group of disorders marked by considerable difficulties in the acquirement and use of listening, verbal communication, reading, writing, interpretation, or mathematical abilities. These disorders are inherent to the individual, supposed to be owing to central nervous system dysfunction, and may crop up across the life span. Difficulties in self-regulatory actions, social awareness, and social relations may take place along with learning disabilities, however, these by themselves do not form a learning disability. While learning disabilities may transpire in tandem with other handicapping disorders such as sensory damage, mental retardation, social and emotive disorders or with environmental influences (like cultural differences, inadequate or inappropriate instruction, psychogenic issues), it is however not the consequence of those conditions or effects. Simply stated, learning disability is a broader expression that encompasses a wide and varied group of syndromes relating to information processing, together with disorders in one or more of the necessary processes involved in comprehending or making use of spoken or written language (Corley and Taymans, 2002, p. 45-46). Adults with learning disabilities are liable to experience problems that considerably affect their academic accomplishments and their lives. Learning disability is often synonymously used with Intellectual Disability (Thomas and Woods, 2003, p. 18).
Adults having learning difficulties need a variety of skills and capabilities to deal with their disabilities in edification, training and employment situations. Appropriate assessment is considered as the first step for applying any other strategies and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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