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The Partnership between the State, the Business Comunity and the Residents in UK - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Task Date Introduction In the last twenty years, Britain has experienced arguments regarding the partnership between the state, the business community and residents of every community as a way of solving problems facing citizens. Whether this partnership is for equals or not is subject for debate…
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The Partnership between the State, the Business Comunity and the Residents in UK
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Extract of sample "The Partnership between the State, the Business Comunity and the Residents in UK"

Download file to see previous pages This is seen in the resource control and the overall control all major social institutions by the state. Areas of Unequal partnership In Britain, the state has had full control of natural resources and taxes whose access by all citizens is determined by the state. The government does this to make all stakeholders in the wider society to function well. The state has taken the role of a manager by coordination production of all essential commodities and services. The state has partnered with businesses and the members of the society by collecting taxes and administering them for the common good f all the stakeholders. The partnership is however not for equals. This has led to creation of pressure groups that push the government to use the taxes and the proceeds from natural resources to meet the needs of all stakeholders. The taxation has been an area of conflict between individuals, businesses and the state because to these minor partners, high taxes mean economic stagnation. The state has also been a partner with the businesses and the individuals in the society by reducing inequalities and meeting social needs like housing, education, equal industrial development, and creating a fairer social system. The state has tried to control the population, consumption of certain services (Hansley & Webb, 96). The welfare state introduced a partnership with the business stakeholders and the society by emphasizing on social insurance and state housing amongst other services. The government used the partnership approach to promote the interests of different groups in society. To the business community, the state removed all trade resections such as tariffs. The government also promoted privatisation of public sector institutions so that the business community and the society could own the economically productive organizations in the economy. Despite such important steps, the British government still dominated the partnership and this left stakeholders with some unmet needs (Hansley & Webb, 120). The welfare state shaped the public service to transfer power form the public sector to private sector, using devolved government to bring services closer to the citizens at lower levels. It also brought efficiency in public service using cost-effective methods and consumer orientation, which were introduced to achieve common quality standards in service delivery. The health care institutions were expanded to cover all social groups. The government also encourage voluntary sector to assist in running the health care sector which could provide more services at reduced cost, while providing high quality services The state introduced a good partnership approach called The Third Way which favoured economic growth, enterprise and wealth creation for business individuals and members of the community. In the partnership, the government removed trade restrictions and created the right environment for businesses and the society by giving them the best infrastructure. The government also favoured greater social justice in order to give equal opportunities to people from all social groups. The government also tried to work with these stakeholders to improve the welfare of the society. The aim was to empower them economically and to create wealth by the state setting minimum wage and training all vulnerable groups to find work with dignity and worth. This partnership made some progress, but it was still a partnership of unequal stakeholders since the government ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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