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Position of Gender in Employment: Inspection and Evaluation What is gender? This question may have many widespread and ordinary retorts to it. Poles apart responses may vary from ‘gender being the distinct genus of a species’ to it being ‘the specification of the kind of attributes related to males and females’…
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Examine The Position Of Gender In Employment
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Download file to see previous pages Thus, with reference to sociological study gender is the division of the above mentioned cataloging aspects of the society, this is due to the fact that people never think about other people as neutral; it is always either man or woman verifies Holmes (2007, pp.1). Hence, this specified categorization in the society plays a vital role in the life of human beings and it affects all the aspects of their lives which include; education, agriculture, business performance, citizenship behavior, medical circumstances and most importantly the employment sector. The importance of gender can be easily understood with the example of the survey conducted by the Gallup surveys, more than 50 percent of people believed that women have to live a difficult live than men. Why so? This is due to the fact that the society is constructed in such a way that they believe various true and untrue attributes of women, the most important of all is that they are more ‘emotional’, or about men that they are always ‘strong’. ...
According to a report presented by Shah (2009, pp.5-6) the discrimination percentage in the employment sector has went from being 70% in 2006 to 80% in 2008-10. The important factor to keep in mind while understanding the position of gender in employment is that there is a wide difference between gender and sex. The term ‘sex’ is referred to while studying biological concepts of attributes whereas, gender is the social phenomenon which defines how an individual is prescribed with roles and features while specification to society and culture. It is also necessary to be aware of and comprehend what a work place actually is and how it related to a society. With reference to my standpoint a work place is the platform, on which an organization provides to its employers and employee, such an atmosphere which is suitable enough to their needs to comfortably produce the required effort and results. As, Linley & Harrington believe that such a place that values and respects its workers is an ideal workplace (2010, pp.295), hence we can specify that an ideal workplace makes sure that no problems prop up in the environment let them be related to gender, race or color. It is believed that the pillars through which the position of gender can be specified in employment include; Requirement quota, limited seats, pre judgments during interviews, salary variation, work load and time patterns, inadequate facilities, rewards and motivation, work environment and job satisfaction. These pillars have been described in detail which at the end shall help in the provision of what position actually does gender hold in our society with reference to the employment sector. 1) Requirement Quota: It has been elucidated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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