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Michael Jackson's death and the impact on his fans and public - Essay Example

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Michael Jackson, the centre of attraction in the famous band Jackson 5 formed in 1972; later known as the king of pop died on the 25th of June, 2009…
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Michael Jacksons death and the impact on his fans and public
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Download file to see previous pages People loved him for his music and uniquely different dancing style. Undoubtedly, he was an immortal king in the entertainment industry who brought happiness and joy to his fans and people from his music. He was a legend who will always be remembered by his fans. People loved him because of his influential music and for all the efforts he contributed in making the world a better place to live for people. His sudden death has left deep impacts of sadness on his fans and people. His fans were really sad and were emotionally shattered on the great pop legend’s death. The fans mourned for the longest time till they found out the reason of his death. They said Michael’s death was tragic and needed some just actions. Many critics have given their critical analysis on Michael’s death on the reason of his death. However, Michael Jackson will always be remembered for his accomplishments and endless contributions that he has made to the music industry during his career. MJ’s Personal Life &Music Career at a Glance: Michael Jackson was born in August 29, 1958 in America. Michael Jackson was famously known for his pop music and unique dancing techniques that crowned him as “the king of pop” in the music industry. He was the most prominent and the most successful entertainer whom his fans adored and worshiped like an idol. He ruled on the throne of music industry for over four decades. Due to his popularity, he has always been the center of attraction for media which eventually made him a popular global figure. His personal life has always been focused and targeted by the media. Michael Jackson made his first music appearance with his brothers as a member of “The Jackson 5.” He started his solo career in 1971....
Michael Jackson rose to fame and popularity in 1980 after the release of his music videos for his songs Billie Jeans, Thriller and Beat it. The entire pop culture of the music industry was revolutionized by his contributions to the industry. MJ also gained popularity due to his unique dancing techniques which he named as “Robot” and “Moonwalk.” During his forty years of career, Michael Jackson has produced seven music albums but “Thriller” was his only album which broke all the records of popularity (Richard Corliss). All through his music career, Michael Jackson has won hundred of awards which have made him as the most famous artist in the world of pop music. Through out his life, he was surrounded by different controversies that drew media and public attention towards him such as personal relationships, child molestation, lifestyle and behavior and changing appearances (Paul Hollander). His sudden death has left space in the world of music. His absence would always be felt deeply by his fans and public. It was estimated that his tragic death gained him more attention and space in media and news. According to a careful estimation his public memorial service was viewed live on television by around one billion around the globe. He was an icon who has successfully won the hearts of people from around the world by his music and charity contributions. No one can ever replace him and his legacy will surely live forever. He was a king and he will always remain an undisputed king of the pop music industry. Death of the Legend: Michael Jackson is a legend who will always live in the hearts of his fans and public. He will always be remembered for his music and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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