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Assylum Seekers arriving in Australia by boat. Subject - Health and Wellbeing - Essay Example

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Title: Asylum Seekers Arriving in Australia by Boat: 1. Introduction: An asylum seeker primarily refers to a person who has left his own native land in order to seek refuge in any other country or location. Generally the reasons behind individuals seeking for asylum involve incidents of persecution that can be in the form of any abuse, any form of intrusion or bigotry…
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Assylum Seekers arriving in Australia by boat. Subject - Health and Wellbeing
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Download file to see previous pages In general the asylum seekers are not only welcome by the countrymen of Australia, they are provided with all the required necessities. On the other hand the treatment to the asylum seekers coming by boats is dealt with measures of detention. They are considered as illegal and not presenting any legal documents (McMaster, 2001, p.2). The current study focuses on the asylum seekers arriving in Australia by boat and reflects on their physical and emotional health, the roles of the government and the policy setting, the obligations under the United Nations Human Rights Commission as well as focus on the role of the media in shaping the public and political opinion in the context. 2. Asylum Seekers Arriving in Australia by Boat: Facing the approaches of the asylum seekers and refugees, Australia had earlier initiated the detention policies on the entry of the asylum seekers. However, the liberal movements of the government have taken initiatives to bring about suitable solutions. Australia has subsequently been found to drive out the opportunities for the asylum seekers to some of the immigration locations of the country. Particularly, since it is believed that the asylum seekers coming by boat are illegal, the strict policies are applied with greater forces (Wilson. 2010). However the country has proved to have greater responsibilities for individuals who seek shelter as their physical and emotional health can be realized from studies as well. 2.1. Physical and Emotional Health of the Asylum Seekers Arriving by Boat: Most of the asylum seekers are known to have physical health difficulties that primarily include problems like apprehension and depression. This might occur as a consequence of any experience of the past that has made the individual suffer in regard to any torture associated with ill-treatment leading to the fear of uncertainty. The emotional disturbances also arise due to the lack of support from their own native governments and their losses in regard to their shelters as well as employment. Planning and successful implementation of re-settlement also hampers the lifestyle and the mental stability of individuals, particularly the children (Harris & Telfer, 2001). Some of the asylum seekers may also be found in a state where they possess the pain and effects of the physical torture that they received in their native homeland. These individuals can be expected to be in the need of immediate and essential medical care. Such physical injuries might include head injuries, broken bones or fractures, epilepsy, or any other related suffering of the muscular joints leading to complete weakness of the health. Women could be the victims of rape, where they involve the chances of diseases that are sexually transmitted. Infectious or contagious diseases may also spread among the individuals creating the ill and deteriorated physical health of the asylum seekers (Harris & Telfer, 2001). Associated with the physical torture can be realized the reasons for the extreme uncertainty, fear and apprehension that leads to the deterioration of the emotional health of the asylum seekers as well. It has been found by the medical practitioners that physical and psychological effects or disorders are mostly prevalent in such individuals who seek for asylums in countries other than their native lands (Harris & Telfer, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assylum Seekers Arriving in Australia by Boat. Subject - Health and Essay.
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