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Security and Human Rights - Essay Example

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It is inappropriate that in big, rich and cultural diverse nation such as Australia, maltreatment of asylum seekers is an international preoccupation. For many years, there have been international concerns regarding the Australian government in handling asylum seekers…
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Security and Human Rights
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Extract of sample "Security and Human Rights"

Download file to see previous pages Apparently, any governments priority to guarantee security for its people (McAdam, 2013).
However, a critical focus on the Australian policies targeting migrants and asylum seekers tempts one to conclude that the policies are not genuinely aimed at protection of the country but are centered on keeping migrants and asylum seekers off the Australian community (McAdam, 2013). The policies are harsh, inhumane and repugnant to the human rights and international law. This paper takes position against the Australian actions against migrants and asylum seekers particularly Muslims. It presents evidence of the inconsistencies of these Acts with human rights and the international law and gives recommendations to the UN concerning these acts
In 2001, unfortunate events, particularly the September 11 attack on the United States allowed the government to exploit public fears and create a rhetorical and eventually legislative divide between the rights of the so referred to as genuine refugees, resettled in Australia from camps abroad by the offshore humanitarian program and those arriving in Australia spontaneously, ordinarily by boat, described as “queue jumpers”, “illegals” and “unauthorized arrivals”. The labor government had laid the foundation of these laws. In 1992, the labor government created a policy of compulsory detention. Initially, the policy was aimed at being an exceptional measure for wave of Indochinese boat people majorly from Cambodia but was expanded to all unlawful non-citizens for administrative efficiency. The then Immigration minister categorically sent a message that migration to Australia would not simply be achieved by arriving in the country and expecting to be permitted into the community. Ever since then, leaders have played up the concept of the good refugee who waits in a camp for resettlement and the bad refugee who jumps the line by arriving by boat (McAdam, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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