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Inequality or Deviance Paper - Essay Example

They are faced with the challenge of how to remain faithful to their own values. They are also expected to respect the value of their host countries so as to make the most successful transition. Socio-economic problems, many immigrants find it hard to accept that the types of jobs accessible to them are the low paying ones. This is due to the fact that their qualifications may not be recognized in the new country, thus forcing them to have low living standards. Rauf abdul Feisa (2011) states that millions of American Muslims who see no contradiction between being American and being Muslim, are working hard to bridge the cultural gap. They therefore end up being the target of attacks by those who would rather burn bridges instead of building them. This shows that most of the Muslims in Americas are still viewed as foreigners. The traditional societies such as the Muslims tend to be very strict when it comes to dating, courtship and marriage. For example, non-Muslim men traditionally are not allowed to marry Muslim women. The man is expected to convert to the Islam religion before the marriage can take place. They are expected to have Friday-offs so as to congregate for prayers, yet it is a working day for the Americans. On the other hand, in the US, Muslim women must observe their dress-code in schools, offices and market places. According to Israr Hasan (2006) Muslims migrants, individuals and families face numerous challenges in America such as moral, religious and cultural problems, which

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Of course labelling would have its own consequences on the criminals. To check the veracity of cited statement in the nineteenth century, young offenders’ life cycle in the northern Sweden is analyzed / examined. For a complete awareness, register of prisoners were investigated to be linked it with the Swedish parish records of the offenders.
20 pages (5000 words)Essay
Criminal Justice and Deviance
It means not being able to pay your debts. It means reneging on one’s commitments to creditors. The question now is whether or not it is true that there is diminishing stigma attached to bankruptcy and if this has been responsible for the rise in the filed cases of personal bankruptcy.
6 pages (1500 words)Essay

The author states that deviance is considered negative for the society, but the functionalist theorists have a different perspective of deviance. Functionalist theorist believe that deviance helps in strengthens the society and members of a society learn about what are non-deviant and deviant behaviors due to occurrence of deviance.

5 pages (1250 words)Essay
Sociology of Deviance: A Critical Discussion of Gardens of the Night
Like Leslie, another young boy, Donnie, was similarly drugged, kidnapped and pushed into such explotative measures of sexual trafficking. These two young kids were forced to believe that their parents did not need them any longer. Their normal lives had vanished when their innocence was taken advantage of.
5 pages (1250 words)Essay
Accordingly, the very first section of this research paper will focus upon the means by which inequality has impacted upon my own life and the way in which class distinction, gender discrimination, racial discrimination, and ethnicity all work together to categorize and denote expected and stereotypical behaviors from groups of individuals.
3 pages (750 words)Essay
Socially constructed deviance
They also act as foundations of identity thus shaping opinions and perceptions of individuals. Social inequalities continue reproducing themselves thus making a group of people subordinate to others. These inferior groups get stigmatized and eventually come to accept their situation.
6 pages (1500 words)Essay
Within this spectrum of investigation, the essay argues that, through control theory and viewing deviance as a resistance to the dominant ideology, it is possible to understand it in terms of the deviant’s perspective.
2 pages (500 words)Essay
Reaction paper on the articles on Deviance
A child adopts the social norms of the society he is born in and these act as the standard by which his actions will be judged as he grows up. This brings us to the question ‘so how do we know what kind of behavior is deviant?’ Jim
4 pages (1000 words)Essay
Crime and deviance
Richard Perez-Pena, author of The New York Times, writes about the prevalence of alcohol and drug abuse, as well as major crimes (i.e. burglary, sexual violence, murder, etc.), on campuses today. Likewise, Caitlin Dewey, author of
4 pages (1000 words)Essay
Issue Paper: Inequality
Thus, the offspring they produce have numerous features that they share. The offspring pass on this unique group of genes and the outstanding characteristics
5 pages (1250 words)Essay
are non-existent in their host countries. This might pose a great problem to them as they try to adjust, since they have to earn their identity with effort. Peter (2008) notes that Muslim newly weds and courting couples are becoming more accustomed to nikah, a legal marriage that entails couples to the entire set of privileges enjoyed by those who are marriage. Currently, the Muslims are becoming more and more lenient on the dating of their young people, using the ‘nikah’. This is an old tradition that allows dating; people can go for dates and be in a room together. It is meant to prepare a couple for marriage though they can break up if it does not work. The United States has set up different activities that help the international students cope with life in campus. These include: the international student services which help students with the Visas, American language and culture. Others include students’ organizations which help students in making friends. This way, foreigners do not feel lonely and homesick and are therefore better able to concentrate on their studies or duties. Yet again, there are normally counseling services for international students where one is helped to cope with issues they have to face in a new and challenging environment. Surviving holidays involve foreign students staying in campus during holiday seasons. The universities usually offer meals so that they do not feel deserted, though some professors usually invite them for holiday meals. According to the control theory, weak bonds between the society and the person give room for the person to deviate. On the contrary, strong bonds make it difficult to deviate considering the associated costs. In view of this theory, many traditional societies strongly impart certain values in their members so as to avoid certain choices or activities during dating. Less traditional


Diversity between American and Muslim Cultures Name: Institution: Inequality or Deviance Immigrants in new locations normally face numerous challenges; cultural and socio-economic challenges mainly. Due to the differences and inequalities that immigrants realize they have as they compare themselves to the locals, they often react in various ways…
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Inequality or Deviance Paper
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