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SOCIOLOGICAL APPROACHES TO THE AGEING PROCESS Name Name of Institution Sociological Approaches to the Ageing Process A crucial facet of examination into growing old is a spotlight on the conceptualization and dimension of quality of life as a gauge of successful ageing…
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Sociological Approaches to the Ageing Process
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, issues linked to ethnics and cultural assortment remain under-researched notwithstanding the rapid growth of women from different ethnicities whose biological clock are on the move towards old age. There is an incomplete understanding of what make up empowerment, agency and a pleasant quality life for all these groups(Laslett, 2003, 156). It is also clear that these theoretical indicators are rooted on British or American speculative frameworks that are most of the time applied without a stronger base of support or verification. This therefore shows that not all the experiences based on ageing are universalized across ethnic boundaries. Due to this, there is a dual impact or effect (Maltby 2003, 201). First, the fundamental hegemonic principles and values of the western community get reinforced. Second to that, different opinions and experiences of agency and value of life are eliminated, by designation. The issues empowerment and agency have been ignored by the gerontological and sociological approaches not withstanding their vitality across culture and ethnicity. This paper aims at bring gathering various perceptions concerning ageing and how it tend to relate to some of the social matters bordering it. There are several ethnic groups in the world but each one of them has their own perception when it comes to matters of ageing. The perceptions are based on the cultural norms and beliefs that govern the autonomous communities or societies. This is so due to the various researches that have been carried out by some of the experienced sociologists. Ageing also forms various hierarchy or classes of responsibilities as it can be seen in our communities. This therefore tends to ease distribution of jobs or tasks among people for jobs are distributed or given out based on the ageing system. For instance, Children in most of the communities are assigned the duty of taking care of domestic work while their parents who are the adult get involved in some kind of work to get levies for that can be able to meet some of their basic needs as they grow. This is considered to be a universal responsibility that is common in also all the communities in the world. According to scientific researches, ageing is a very important factor linked to the human growth as it allows or gives room for the growth of certain organs that are considered to be very important all the living organism. The process of growth is called maturity. It is also believed that fully grown men and women have the ability to come to rightful decisions in whatever they do or plan to do hence giving them another responsibility of taking care of the young people whose thinking capacity can still not come to ideal decisions. Gender is also another subject that is closely related to ageing. Women are believed to live some more years ahead of men before coming to the end of their lifespan. Some of the biological evidence gathered by various scientific experts support this. Looking at the population of women across the world, they tend to be having the highest population as compared to that of hence forming a base for the scientific evidences given by the experts. Children at a tender age tend to be very dependent as they still lack the potential to stand and do all the things they need on their own. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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