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Perspectives of Ageing - Essay Example

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Ageing and Racism are two very complex issues which circle around the social issues in today's world. The globalization, the decline in mortality rate and the issues related to immigration are some of the core factors which lead to the growing concern related to aging and racism…
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Perspectives of Ageing
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Download file to see previous pages Racism, on the other hand, is related to class of people who feel discriminated in certain nation and society based on their ethnic origin and skin color or upbringing. Every nation evolves certain policies to support the senior citizens or aging population within their region .They also help support the minority to help them integrate with mainstream population. Thus many theories and policies have been formulated to enhance the life of aging population and to control the negative impacts of racism within community. The report examines the issues of aging and racism, which exists in a small suburban town in India, and the two interviews were conducted with informed consent .To balance the nature of participation one female and one male member was chosen. This gender bias is very apparent and so is class bias reflected from the interviews. The issues elated to racism and ageing can take many forms of social issue which changes its flavor based on the country of origin. The issues are there, and it needs to be addressed in the light of the national policies and theories, and constitutional rights of the citizens. This issue needs to be approached from wider perspective, from local level, national level and international level. The issues are that health and economics needs should be addressed along with the social issues, which are apparent in the aging population.
The interviews conducted reveal that the issues of aging and racism are mainly connected to health, economic and social interactivity. These are the issue which impact everyday life events. These are global issues which are prevalent in every country. The increasing life expectancy has led to increasing number of aged population over 60 years of age. This aging population is growing number is impacting the reconsideration on the national level and constitutional level, with new policy implementation, and the need for new set of rights which can guarantee them support and protection in unusual circumstance. The exploding need for new consideration has been the strongly recognized by the health policies, socioeconomic development plans and economic policies which can provide maximum provision to this group with regard to health and functional capacity. This has been done in consideration for the betterment of their social participation and economic security. These are some of the new challenges of the emerging society.
Ageing: Since my interview is related to people from developing countries, who are residing in UK , but originally from India, it would be interesting to examine the nature of policy change and social changes which has been witnessed worldwide. The theories which have evolved over time on ageing, plays a key role in understanding my selected audience. In the context of my interview, ageing is more relevant than racism. Therefore I am going to focus more on the theories and policies related to ageing which applies more in the context of my interviews. It is interesting how we can trace the impacts of these theories in real life in two very different cases taken from two gender specimen. An understanding of this phenomenon from scientific and social perspective is important to understand the significant role in the growing number of ageing population throughout the world. Human beings are unique and complex ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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