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Conflict Resolution - Workplace ADR - Essay Example

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Subject Name Date “Conflict Resolution – Workplace ADR” During summer last year, I volunteered to work at a bank for approximately ten weeks. I wanted to do something constructive during my vacations instead of sitting idle, so I applied for the position of a Student Advisory Board Member for a project which revolved around launching the new customer value proposition of the Priority Banking Segment of Consumer Banking of that bank…
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Conflict Resolution - Workplace ADR
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Conflict Resolution - Workplace ADR

Download file to see previous pages... The idea behind formulating a Student Advisory Board was that the management was very pre-occupied with making and documenting the changes that were taking place in the Priority Proposition of the bank and therefore did not have the time required to pull off an event that was to be organized for the most valued customers of the bank. The guest list of the event included many VIPs, people whom a student rarely has the opportunity to meet; therefore I was very excited about the event and wanted to give it my best. The Student Advisory Board comprised of students from various business schools. There were a total of twelve members in the board and the whole board was divided into teams, for example there was a sponsorship team, a decor team, a corporate affairs team, a finance team and so forth. Every team was assigned a group leader from amongst the members of the Board and we were all accountable to our supervisor who was the manager of the Consumer Value Proposition for Priority Banking. I was the leader of the Corporate Affairs Team and had to work in close co-ordination with the Sponsorship Team. The Sponsorship Team was responsible for negotiating deals with big organizations that had a significant amount of their marketing spend available at that time of the year to be used for partly sponsoring our event, in order to do so a proper sales pitch and tariff sheet needed to be made by the Sponsorship Team and meetings had to be set up and thus deals had to be closed. On the other hand the Corporate Affairs team had to approach the musicians who had to perform at the musical evening of the event, the entire negotiations regarding their charges, available time slots, lodging, air fare and so forth had to be done by the Corporate Affairs Team. Moreover, the overall amount of money required to get the particular musicians on board was to be communicated to the sponsorship team which would then have to generate leads to the sponsors. The Board was very enthusiastic at first, we had two meetings in which everyone contributed ideas towards the execution of the event and the fervor was just contagious. However, after around two weeks the interest of majority of the members died away. I belong to a family that has always instilled in the value of demonstrating commitment in all walks of life. Be it working in groups for school projects or in the profession workplace, I am used to giving full commitment to something which I have opted to do. Consequently, I expect the same from those I work with, if not for their own word they should at least think about the interest of the organization and how much they put at stake by not working. The sponsorship team, decor team and the finance team all became very dormant after two weeks of working. Most probably the reason was that as time progressed the work stress increased and the management wanted the advisory board to come at 8 am in the morning and stay till 11 am in the morning. There was no monetary compensation provided for the work and obviously it is awkward for the students to stay at the office when almost the entire building is empty. However, since I was working as expected by the management, I wanted the others to work the same way because I felt ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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