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Discuss Common Social Needs of Children and Adolescents - Essay Example

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Discuss Common Social Needs of Children and Adolescents Name: Institution: Discuss Common Social Needs of Children and Adolescents Studies reveal that, in life, it is important to strike a balance between succeeding in life and succeeding academically. Dr…
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Discuss Common Social Needs of Children and Adolescents
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Download file to see previous pages Educators have warned against giving children only one type of learning experience. For example, children need to receive both purely academic education and social-emotional education. It is not just enough to educate the mind and neglect intelligence, emotions and the nature of biology (Christenson & Havsy, 2003). Striking a balance between the two forms of learning can be achieved through combining social-emotional learning with academics. Social-emotional learning has proven to be effective in bolstering the emotional intelligence in children, as well as improving their academic capabilities, thus giving them an edge above the rest in their professional and personal futures. It is important to combine both academic and social emotional learning so as to bring up knowledgeable children who have social-emotional skills and morals. These qualities are necessary for one to be all rounded in the world today (Cohen, 1999). This essay discusses the common social needs of children while incorporating the aspects of personal capabilities, family and the classroom that either encourage or inhibit positive social development in children. The paper gives evidence from social development theorists so as to support the information it contains. There are many personal skills and capabilities that contribute to positive social development in children. Some of these skills include reasoning skills, communication skills and the ability to empathize. With good communication skills, children can be able to relate well with others in society. They can also be able to understand what others are going through if they have the ability to empathize. Reasoning skills enable the children to discern between right and wrong so that they can make informed decisions. These skills and attributes contribute to positive social skills throughout the life of an individual. According to Erik Erikson’s theory of social development for human beings, he argues that a human being develops these social skills in stages throughout their lives. It is correct to conclude that the personal skills and capabilities contribute to positive social skills throughout the life of an individual (Christenson & Havsy, 2003). The family environment is also largely responsible for contributing to the development of the skills identified above. The family life plays a very significant role in the life of a child. During the initial years in the life of children, the family life is usually the first and only source of example to the child. If the child gets exposed only to productive and positive social interactions, then the child will grow up knowing how to be part of meaningful social interactions in a productive and positive manner. A peaceful family environment where conflicts are handled maturely and rationally will inculcate these tendencies to the children who are most likely to be like that. Another example is a family environment where the members help each other with the chores. Duties and responsibilities are fairly divided among each member. In such an environment, the children will grow up to be socially responsible (Adelman & Taylor, 2000). The family environment can also inhibit the development of skills and capabilities necessary for positive social development in children. Since the family has been seen to be the first and sometimes the only source of ex ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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