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We get racial triangulation has occurred in relation to the white and blacks or has been found in the racial positions taken on these two groups. The concept of racial triangulation comes about through two processes which are linked and simultaneous and take the form of relative valorization in which case a dominant group A comprised of whites does valorize the group B or Asian Americans considered subordinate and this is done in relation to the subordinate group C which is Black. …
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Triangulation We get racial triangulation has occurred in relation to the white and blacks or has been foundin the racial positions taken on these two groups. The concept of racial triangulation comes about through two processes which are linked and simultaneous and take the form of relative valorization in which case a dominant group A comprised of whites does valorize the group B or Asian Americans considered subordinate and this is done in relation to the subordinate group C which is Black. These valorizations occur on the basis of cultural and racial perceptions so that the whites could dominate the two other groups considered subordinate. Civic ostracism thus comes into play. The dominant white group does subordinate Asian Americans and brands them foreigners and inassimilable when it comes to the white culture and race with the aim of ostracizing them from politics and any form of civic membership (Aoki and Hayakawa 2-28). The exclusion Act marked the climax of over 30 years in which progressive racism was practiced. We had the anti-Chinese sentiment that started in the great immigration out of China at the time of the gold rush. In this period of gold rush, miners of white decent and other prospectus did impose strict laws and taxes that were meant to inhibit any form of success by the Chinese people. We had an increased racial tension propagated by Chinese emigration, job occupations and high level of competition within the job market. Chinese were banned from immigrating (Lee 89-116). Triangulation approaches of going beyond black and white took the form of different trajectories and this involved racialization where there existed the characterization and creations of categories of races which took the form of open-ended approach. These variables did play out differently when the two groups that have been subordinated are taken into perspective. This is the distinct group that is also independent. In this case, Native Americans were largely killed in genocides, the blacks faced racial slavery, invasion and colonization of Mexicans took place and Asians did undergo exclusion. A mapping of multifarious formulations of what could be termed as historical racism took place. The other example is the racial hierarchy where the emphasis is placed on ordering of groups to make a single scale of stratified status and creation of privilege where whites are placed on top, other groups at the middle and the blacks at the bottom of the strata. This could be stressed by the argument that the Asian Americans are taken as an intermediate group when it comes to the bipolar racial scale and the other being that these Asian Americans do make up a group of racial bourgeoisie. The mandate for one to go beyond what is black or white could still be based on one’s judgment. The trajectory approach actually imputes mutual autonomy when we actually have constitutive mutuality. The Asian Americans have always been racialised in relation to and by use of interactions found between whites and blacks. In this case, the racialization trajectories of whites and blacks are explicitly interrelated to each other. In the hierarchical example, the problem arises in the sense that the whites are seen to have ordered the other groups of race to follow two historical dimensions. Asians have been considered outsiders and thus aliens while the blacks thought of and branded inferior to the other races (Aoki and Hayakawa 2-28). This triangulation by races did affect the movements of the Asian Americans in the 60s and 70s. This was because the Asian Americans believed that they were indeed white despite their argument being taken as illogical and inconsistent by the whites. Civic ostracism and other forms of relative valorization did play together in triangulating the Asian American immigrants through racial positions. There was secure supply of cheap labor and this hindered the formation of permanent second degraded class or caste that sought participation into the politics and civil membership. This issue did leave the Asian immigrants and the Native Americans very much vulnerable to the cycles that encompassed white aggression. The issue of triangulation of whites and blacks leading to aggression resulted in the anti-imperialism and anti-racism notions within the Asian American groups. For that reason, movements broke out in protest of the brutal treatment of these subordinated groups. Calls for equal treatment and inclusion in the national activities became the order of the day. This led to the issue of renaissance of the minority myth where this came into coincidence with the vigorous push to bring back civil rights, redistricting, affirmative actions and revitalization of the social welfare programs that were seen after the 60s and 70s. The governments that came in place tried to create a color blind society through racial retrenchments. The Asian Americans have always fought to get back the white privileges from the encroachment of blacks. The lamping together of all Asian Americans led to the production of a double elision which resulted in the formation of distinctions among the subgroups of Asian Americans and Asians. The affirmative action does however produce Asian victims and the black villains given that conservatives did pursue the concept of racial retrenchment while at the same time concealing racism since they did not appear as racists (Lee 89-116). Works Cited Aoki Richard, Hayakawa S.I., Eviction of I-Hotel residence, Chinese Exclusion Act and its end, 2-28 Lee Susan, "Racial Construction through Citizenship in the U.S.," Asian American Policy Review 4 (1996): 89-116, 96 Read More
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