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Case Study on the 20th Century Relationship Revolution - Essay Example

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Case Study on the 20th Century Relationship Revolution Name: Institution: Introduction Most conceptual frameworks regarding family structures and life in the contemporary environment largely revolve around the premise of social transformation over time. For this reason, social discussions on family life centre on, the influence of a wide scope of societal and structural variations, on personal relations…
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Case Study on the 20th Century Relationship Revolution
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Download file to see previous pages In this case, sociological analysis of the relationship revolution of the mid to late 20th century, seeks to exert emphasis on the changes that have taken place in family frameworks from the advent of industrialization up to date. For instance, unlike in the traditional setting, the modern environment reveals increased cases of divorce, single parenthood and co-existence with step-families. However, while most theories emphasize on the negative changes that have taken place, it is also imperative to recognize and demonstrate the endurance of customary family bonds among most British families. The idea that radical variations have occurred in ways that individuals associate with each other has not been examined extensively using experiential approaches. It is, therefore, hard to visualize all changes that have taken place over the years in a factual manner. All the same, familial transformation is largely examined in modern literary works on the basis of family and personal relationships, theories on factors motivating change, as well as, diverse conceptual models. This paper attempts to critically examine the transformation that has taken place in family structures and related social aspects, over the past half century, following radical societal changes like industrialization. Topic Justification Majority of early literature on sociological aspects of family life begins with the misguided assumption that, the immense gender restructuring which started in the late 1960s could, unlike other key historical social transformations, depict immediate results. Most sociology scholars at the time failed to account for the long term effects of this noteworthy transformation. I based the selection of the topic, “the relationship revolution of the 20th century”, on this insufficient analysis of social change over a long period of time. Additionally, I think this topic is crucial in sociology studies, since it covers a broad range of family dynamics, thus providing a wide base for understanding an equally diverse assortment of sociological perspectives on family life. Sociological Perspectives on the ‘relationship revolution’ of the late 20th century Based on a sociological perspective, the radical variations evident in modern personal and family relations occur, as a direct result of events in the post-industrialization era. Most family sociologists believe that, occurrences after the commencement and progression of industrializations have led to disintegration of traditional norms and values governing family ties. Further the loss of traditional family values ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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