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The writer of this paper intends to discuss, the creation of the social self and the stigmas that emerge from the process of labeling, describe Functionalism and Anomie and the similarities and differences between differential association and differential identification theories…
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Deviant Behavior Sociology
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Download file to see previous pages The condemnation of the self or the others acts as significant drivers in signifying the lack of responsibilities of the delinquent in commencing deviant behavior. Viewed as a mechanics of the technique of neutralization it can be stated that the delinquent actions are an involuntary operation acted upon by the foreign forces outside the individuals like that of neglecting parents, bad companions, slum neighborhood and so on. Persuaded by such situations, the delinquent creates a self image of his own with a negative trait being helplessly propelled out in a completely new situation. In course of time the individual learns in generating a concept of more acted than upon than acting along with the preparation of deviance activities. In this particular technique, the attribute of injury or the harm is involved in the act which the delinquent evaluates the correctness of those activities and the injury they bring to others. The actions may be illegal but they may not also deem as immoral. As for instance it can be stated that vandalism and gang fighting breaking destruction of the property can be interpreted as a simple mischief with the logic that the person who lost the property can afford them in the future and visualized as a private quarrel with the prior agreement between two parties without imparting any highly significant consequence to the society as a whole. Despite the fact this particular technique involves explicit dialect, but the individual refrains himself from thinking with a guilty perspective. (Sykes & Matza, 1957, p. 668).
The Denial of the Victim
In this particular case it can be stated the delinquent may accept the deviance actions but stands in the line of negation of the victims as in they develop the notion that the persons affected are not actually victims but they are subjected ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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