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Deviant Behaviors - Research Paper Example

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Norms are expectations and rules by which society members are guided. Deviance means failure to practice such norms. Social norms vary from one culture to another. This means that one social norm or…
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Deviant Behaviors
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Extract of sample "Deviant Behaviors"

Download file to see previous pages Deviant behaviors involve the process by which conditions, actions, and or beliefs are viewed as deviant by others. Others, like copyright infringement, may not be considered as deviant. While acts of racism may attract negative reactions in some societies, it may not do so in other societies. Conditions, such as dwarfism, facial deformities or obesity, may cause individuals to be treated badly depending on the societal beliefs (Humphrey, 2006).
Social assimilation is the connection to institutions and groups while social ruling is obedience to values and norms in a particular community. The ones highly incorporated fall under the group of selflessness while those who are not extremely incorporated are considered egoistic. Likewise, the regulated ones are considered in the category of fatalism and tolerable ones are in the category of anomie (Humphrey, 2006).
Altruistic suicide (demise for the superior of the assembly), egocentric suicide (fall of the elimination of the acceptable connection with other people), anomic (fatality because of confusing of self-interest and norms of the society) are caused by limits (Flick, 2011).
Robert K. Merton described deviant behavior by defining the objectives in his theory of anomie. He stated that anomie is defying of social norms. He also defines anomie as a condition where social goals and legitimacy are significant in communication. He explained that one’s reaction to the society were useful in considering deviance. Purposely, he studied combined action as provoked by frustration, strain, or stress in a body of people who arise from a detachment amid the goals of the society and the commonly used means to attain that goal. Usually, non-custom group deeds (rebellion, rioting etc.) are reflected on financial constrains. The two scopes dictate the revision to society depending on the cultural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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