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Social Deviance The theory of social deviance and its widespread application in the real world can be said to be imparting a highly significant influence on the construction of multifarious applications in the socio-psychological domain. The term “deviance” is associated with the desecration of various norms or predefined notions prevalent within a communal group or a society…
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Social deviance
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, it can be stated that in the United States of America, the alcoholics, gamblers, mentally ill, marihuana users, and so on are classified within the deviant group (Schaefer, 2011). The paper will discuss socially deviant behavior in the social structure and the ways it is developed, and will be reaching an optimal solution with positive dynamic social implications. Establishment of Social Control With respect to the sociologists, the term “deviance” does not attach the attributes of perversion and depravity. However, in various societies of the world, the socially deviant are generally regarded to be sources of perversion. On the other hand, if social deviance means only the violation of some predefined norms, then almost any person can be regarded as deviant at any point of his/her life. For instance, though it can be stated that wearing jeans in a wedding ceremony, not attending a class, etc. can be regarded as deviant activities, they are not generally characterized as such. Before the discussion of social deviance, it should be indicated how the norms are formulated with reference of social control theory. This theory generally refers to the agglomeration of several techniques and strategies meant to prevent the deviant behavior in any society. ...
The crucial question is whether these norms are always rational or they are framed by the authoritative behavior of a group of dominant people with the endeavor to suppress other people by regarding them as deviant. Social Interactions and Rationalizing Justifications The development of the notion of self can be conceptualized as the evolution from the mechanism of social interactions. In general various stigmas, social labeling and deviant behavior can be believed to be the byproducts of the social interaction. The authorities can also be blamed for the development of such stigmas and social labeling. The cases of child abuse by the parents, forced prostitution, and so on can be said to be the precursors of the development of these activities. In such cases, the oppression can lead to self-nullification or neutralization of the social norms. And individuals engage themselves in several delinquent activities without jeopardizing or harming their self-image. They internalize the rationalization of the deviant activities within themselves, and the neutralization of the social norms occurs in advance (Sykes & Matza, 1957, pp. 666-667). Functionalist and Conflict Theory Biological theories opine that the creatures adapt themselves to various environments and live their lives within that adapted environment. It can also be said that the society has been dynamically transformed as regards its political, educational, and regional structure. It can also be stated that the mechanism of deviance arises in the society, occurring from the faults in the fitting mechanism of adaptation. The functionalist theorist proposes the establishment of a perfect balance within the society. From the viewpoint of Durkheim, the crime and agitations are indispensible parts of any healthy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Deviance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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