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The House I Live In War on Drug - Assignment Example

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This assignment "The House I Live In War on Drug" concerns the film which raises important social issues. Reportedly, deviance and conformity theories of sociology are essential aspects that depict how social beings frequently conform or deviate from the expected norms due to social advancements…
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The House I Live In War on Drug
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Download file to see previous pages People are deficient in the information that the two aspects have both good and bad sides, and none can be preferred to the other. This is evident going by the revelations depicted in “the House I Live” film. The film depicts how playing along with other people’s decisions on the pretext of remaining relevant proved detrimental towards the fight against drug usage (Simon, 12). Therefore, the study is relevant in enlightening various individuals that the two aspects have negative and positive sides.
In the film “The House I Live,” both conformity and deviant theories are depicted through its theme, actions, and characters. The film gives the drug syndicate story in the US that has affected many lives health-wise. The film that is about drugs shows how narcotics are being smuggled in the nation, the tricks used, how it is sold, the strategy adopted, the people involved and the intelligence behind the trade (Bershen, 68). It also gives a glimpse of how people’s behavior can change from being conformists to deviants over time. In most societies, many people deem the trade of drugs illegal and against the social norms in most societies due to the far-reaching effects, drugs present to the people. The trade is done based on deviance in most instances and those perceived to be socially insensitive are the ones trading in it as portrayed in the film by the inmate (Bershen, 1). The inmate noted that the trade is associated with deviance social behavior as it involves a violation of noble human values and shared social norms that lead to unforgiving lifestyle.
There are several theories of deviance and conformity that shapes individual’s behaviors and decisions. The theories provide a reliable basis upon which individuals behaviors are understood based on the societal norms or beliefs. The theories include conflict theory, labeling theory, structural functionalism theory, learning and Marxian split labor market theories. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The House I Live In War on Drug Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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