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The discussion here provides some insights into the understanding of this particular social behavior and how the individual is seen as both deviant and/or criminal from society’s perspective. Deviance is referred to the actions that are found diverging from any socially established norms…
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Control Theory of Deviance in Drug Use
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Download file to see previous pages From the discussion it is clear that deviance is “a behavior that is socially defined as a problem, a source of concern, or as undesirable by the norms of conventional society and the institutions of adult authority, and its occurrence usually elicits some kind of social control response”.This paper stresses that the fact that culture and people’s perceptions are marked by continuous changes in the course of time, deviance can be suggested as a relative phenomenon that reflects or acts against the cultural norms and social psychological processes of the temporal period. In short, deviance can be considered as any activity that arouses a range of emotions or actions that are an indicative of social disapproval, in respect to time, place, and culture. Essentially, deviance is a socially constructed aspect and has to be analyzed without limiting to people, their actions or attributes; but in a broader sense, relating to the cultural, economic, social, educational, and spiritual context of socialization. Drug use can be clearly linked to a delinquent or antisocial behavior that is socially nonconformist. Drug users are identified as violent and aggressive individuals, directly or indirectly engaging in acts that are troublesome and disrupting to the society. All deviant behaviors act in contravention to the conventional social standards and are influenced by the social labeling of it as normal or deviant. From the perspective of the deviant, they identify deviance as a pleasure-seeking, out-of-the-norm activity that makes them feel independent, tolerant, and rebellious. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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