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Let’s compare its approach to that suggested by the social control theory in the analysis of drug users. According to cultural…
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Cultural Deviance theory
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Validity of Cultural Deviance Theory Cultural deviance theory is the most valid because it adopts a naturalistic approach toward the analysis of matters with minimal assumptions, if any. Let’s compare its approach to that suggested by the social control theory in the analysis of drug users. According to cultural deviance theory, drug users belong to social networks that are same as the social networks of common people structurally as well as interactively (Whittaker and Garbarino, 1983, pp. 360-361). However, difference of values and beliefs between the two types of social networks makes certain people drug users. In other words, while the processes of interaction and exchange are normal, the content of interaction and members’ extent of deviance is different. In contrast, social control theory attributes drug use in people to their limited social interaction and their belongingness to social networks with significantly different structures and patterns of interaction.
Cultural deviance theory asserts that there are unique values and beliefs among the lower class subculture which differ from the conventional social norms. From the Biblical perspective, cultural deviance theory derives its validity because Bible provides accounts of such societies that have been punished by God because of their heinous values and beliefs. As noted by Olam (2009), the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed “on account of their extreme inhospitable pride and arrogance (Ezekiel 16:48-49) as well as for their intolerance of foreigners (Wis. 19:13)” (Olam, 2009). In the view of the cultural deviance theory, the cause of crime is conformity to the lower class society’s prevailing cultural norms.
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Cultural Deviance Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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