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Transsexualism - Research Paper Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Transsexualism Transsexualism is a condition that makes an individual be identified with gender inconsistent that is assigned to them culturally. In other words, transsexualism is gender assigned to a person at birth, but conflicts with that person’s psychological gender (Chiland and Alcorn 10)…
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Download file to see previous pages... Transsexualism has stigmatized many people across the world; notably, it effects have been enormously experienced in the western culture especially towards mid to late twentieth century. Nonetheless, the current advancement in technology especially in health care provision aims at enhancing sexual revolution in persons with sexuality problems. Sexuality change is often reverted through sex reassignment surgery (Chiland and Alcorn 24). Notably, Victims of transsexualism are often discriminated upon the society usually subjects them to numerous negative attitudes that undermine them from various quarters including cultural values, and religious believes. In fact, some cultures find it difficult to comprehend and integrate transsexualism conditions. The case is often worse if it involves change gender roles. Some cultures hold transsexualism with high regards and sometimes regarded to be holding two spiritual roles. This traditional believe, is often rampant among some Native American tribes (Chiland 37). Gender is often a linguistic term used across many languages to refer to masculine, natural, or feminine and a fully independent attributes to the words that applied therein. Different cultural groupings have different manifestation of gender or sexuality. Most cultural believes often recognizes only two genders that are female and male. Other cultures recognize the third gender called neuter. However, some cultures recognize none of these genders. Adapting to gender changes often take different dimension and tasks to fulfill (Chiland and Alcorn 70). In some societal settings, gender variation is only indicated by the variation in adjective or noun while other societies require a complex grammar changes. For instance, in English, gender transition often involves the change in the transsexual’s first name that is from either changes he/him to she/her or vice versa. However, in some cases where a person never wants to be referred to either sexes or gender usually uses “them” or “ze” and “hir” as gender natural pronouns or neutral pronouns (Chiland 52). Different societies treat transsexualism differently; thus, most persons never intend to reveal their sexuality especially concerning the gender complication since they fear the reception that the society may offer towards their complicated sexuality. The term transsexualism falls under the broader category of transgenderism that refers to people who are not often comfortable with the gender roles assigned to them. Most groups that fall under this category include transvestites, cross dressers, and genderqueer persons (Chiland and Alcorn 44). Nonetheless, transsexualism is a specific condition under transgender realm; however, it radically differs with both transsexual and crossdresser. Some people often use transsexualism and transgenderism interchangeably, but these terms are never synonymous (Chiland 84). There are many causes of transsexualism; however, many intersex data have revealed that genes never cause this gender variation since genes do not define nor determine gender identity. Additionally, the recent intersex infant surgeries have suggested that the same gender problem is never associated with gender identity since there is an enormous consistency between the genitals and upbringing. However, numerous scientific studies are currently suggesting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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