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Interpersonal Communicatio - Case Study Example

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Interpersonal Communication Name Professor Institution Course Date Interpersonal communication is an important aspect of socialization in the life of every individual. In creates the foundation on how is able to relate with another person through communication…
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Interpersonal Communicatio
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Download file to see previous pages I will also include examples of the concepts in order to bring out my clear understanding of interpersonal communication (Adler, Rosenfeld & Proctor, 2008). However, in this discussion I will concentrate on discussing my two of my weak areas in my interpersonal communication and one concept discussed during the course. Empathy Empathy is one of the main concepts in interpersonal communication. The concept is used in defining a situation whereby one is able to understand the feelings and emotions of the other person he or she is communicating with. It is commonly referred to as being in the “shoes of the other person.” This makes is an important aspect of interpersonal communication. I have been able to apply the concept of empathy in a number of situations. I have also witnessed other people applying the concept of empathy in their interpersonal communication (Adler, Rosenfeld & Proctor, 2008). I have been able to use empathy in a number of occasions and one example was when my sister failed to pass her examinations when she was in her first year of study in campus. She was very devastated and felt that she had failed the family. My parents have always emphasized the need to achieve good results in class and they never tolerated failure. She was breaking down and I had to console her. I explained how I understood what she was going through because I had been through a similar experience and things were very tough for me. In had to deal with the fact that I had felt my exams and things were neither smooth for me. I was stressed and the whole experience made me understand what she was going through. I consoled her and convinced her how failing examinations would not mean the end of the world. She managed to recover within a very short time and things returned to normal. The concept is essential in interpersonal communication because it helps us understand what someone we have a close relationship is going through. Such an understanding is vital in providing assistance to handle their challenges. Body Language Body language is an important concept in interpersonal communication. It involves the use of body behavior such as posture, gesture and facial expression in making communication nonverbal communication (Adler, Rosenfeld & Proctor, 2008). As noted earlier on in the learning module, I have one major weakness of exhibiting confidence during communications. I am always overwhelmed with nervousness and this makes me lose composure during communications. I always find it very difficult to maintain eye contact and maintain a good posture. In most cases I am unable to give a firm handshake when making acquaintances with new people. The whole experience of maintaining a positive body language freaks me out. After completing my studies in high school, I engaged in a number of activities. Visiting the less privileged was one of the major activities that I engaged in order to keep myself busy and occupied. We would visit orphans and give them items such as food and clothes. The local authority recognized our efforts and invited us to a conventional meeting that was being organized by the governor. We attended the meeting during which the governor recognized our efforts and invites one of us to give a brief speech. Members of my group chose me to give the speech and things did not go well with me. I was unable to maintain a positive posture because most of the time I was fidgeting. I was also unable to maintain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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