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Intrapersonal Communication - Essay Example

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This report presents the complexities of communication, specifically the interpersonal level of communication. Its process, including the elements affecting the transaction as a whole, and some of the techniques that may be employed to ensure the success of the communicative act are explored.
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Intrapersonal Communication
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Extract of sample "Intrapersonal Communication"

Download file to see previous pages Intrapersonal communication serves as the foundation for interpersonal communication since interpersonal communication involves intrapersonal communication. It is when another person is considered in the transaction, it is that interpersonal communication takes place. Conversation, dialogue and interview are examples of this level of communication. Another form of interpersonal communication is that which occurs within a group of persons (examples of this are focused group discussions, symposium, and debate). It may also be for a group of persons or commonly known as public communication. These communicative acts may be conducted in a face-to-face situation in a specific context or situation, or with the intervention of a medium, such as the television, radio, etc. The latter form or level of communication refers to mass communication.
Individuals engage in a communicative act for several reasons, namely: to get acquainted with others, to express emotions to others, to share information, to influence others' views or to build relationships. In a sense when individuals communicate, a common ground is established, where personal differences such as point of views meet.
Hence we can say that communication is inevitable and vital for everyone's existence. We engage in a communicative act whether we like it or not, hence it is essential that we understand the different elements involved in the communication process.
This paper will delve much on the interpersonal level of communication. Some the techniques or interpersonal skills that will help an individual to be a more sensible communicator ensuring an active exchange of ideas hence, promoting a stronger and deeper relationship with other individuals involve in the transaction or the communicative act will be discussed along the way.
After giving you a brief explanation on the different levels of communication and the functions that communication serve in human existence, we shall now go into the details of the interpersonal level of communication.
Interpersonal communication is humanity's most important characteristic and its greatest accomplishment. It is an individual's ability to turn meaningless grunts into spoken and written words, through which they are able to make known their needs, wants, ideas and feelings. It is a process aimed at creating a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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