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Effective Communication: Listen Actively - Term Paper Example

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The author concludes that employing the techniques ineffective listening serves as a foundation for stronger relationships. Effective listening establishes acceptance of ideas and the person from whom the ideas came from, builds trust and, as a result, may convince the other person to take actions.    …
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Effective Communication: Listen Actively
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Download file to see previous pages Communication is transactional thus it requires both the source and the receiver to participate actively to ensure its success. Success in a communicative act is assumed to have taken place when both elements have fully understood the message sent and a particular action is taken. Factors such as the individual's communication skills, knowledge, attitude, the social system and culture of each participating element affect the quality of message sent and receive. Because of this, both the source and the receiver are required to have a good understanding of these factors. People communicate for varied reasons: to get acquainted with others, to express emotions to others, to share information, to influence others' views or to build relationships. Furthermore, it may take several forms. It may be within the individual or what has been known as intrapersonal communication; between two persons or dyadic communication; among three or more people or group communication; and to a group or persons or public communication. Whatever form or medium a communicative act takes, as previously stated, the person's identity is partially shared during the act. It is pertinent then that others are set as the point of reference in the communicative act. In a sense, one needs to learn to empathize or put oneself to another person's shoes to identify with the other person's perceptions and feelings. To do this, one should listen actively. It seems crucial to define listening at this point.
Among these misconceptions are the following: listening is easy, improving reading ability also improves listening skills, engaging in listening activities daily eliminates special training for listening and listening ability is related to the intelligence of the listener.3 As stated earlier, the listening process is affected by factors other than a person's cognitive skills. A person listens with his experiences and his emotions as well as his psychological capacities. Furthermore, engaging in listening activities without having a full grasp of the process will still result in poor listening skills.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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