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Qualitive research on women in abusive relationships - Essay Example

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QUALITATIVE RESEARCH ON WOMEN IN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS Name: Professor: Institution: Course: Date: ABSTRACT This research focuses on women in abusive relationships in the manner of domestic violence. Such cases are mainly noted in poorly developed relationships that arise from various factors…
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Qualitive research on women in abusive relationships
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Download file to see previous pages These activities are mainly applicable to the male spouse who is mainly looked up to as the head figure thus the provider of the family and the dominant spouse. (Olson LN 2002). INTRODUCTION This research aims at looking into women experiences in domestic abuse. The research aims at providing an insight into the various forms of abuse undergone by women. Such abuse may be in the form of sexual, psychological, physical or financial. Smith, J.A. & Osborn, M. (2003 and their consideration for IPA has made the method suitable for obtaining appropriate and accurate information from willing participants of the research. The reason behind the research is the need to explore the negative effects of domestic abuse on women. The research is intended to explain how and why women in abusive relationships remain close to their partners regardless of the abuse they experience according to an article by Ferraro &Johnson. (Ferraro K, &Johnson J. 1983) This research explores the results of such abuse and how these abused women hav developed several methods of coping with the violence, neglect, insults and torture. By studying women from different cultural backgrounds, we get to see the similarities and differences that may answer any arising questions during the research. METHOD The two women are interviewed in a room that is ensures them of privacy and confidentiality. They are brought in one after the other and are allowed to conceal any information if need be. They are interviewed orally and the interview is recorded. Both interviews are run for thirty minutes and the participants are allowed to leave at their own wish. The information from the recorded interviews is analyzed and recorded on paper as a complete analysis of common themes and any valuable information. Participants The two participants are women from different cultural backgrounds. They are aged between the ages of 30 and 50. The first participant is African while the second one is Asian. Ethical considerations The participants are allowed to answer the questions at their own discretion. If they chose not to then their choice is respected. The questions asked are not too personal and freedom to leave the interview is allowed to the participants. The interviews are private and the recorded interview is confidential. The participants are asked to sign a consent frm before being interviewed. RESULT AND DISCUSSION The first participant of the research is Mary a woman of African descent who has been married to her husband for 23 years. Although to the society their marriage seems to be as fruitful as any there are signs of falsity to this view. Such signs are only visible to those close to Mary or any individual who wishes to scrutinize Mary’s marriage. Mary starts by defining her marriage as a traditional union which she is comfortable being in. With the contemporary society she lives in, such a marriage is old fashioned. However suitable it may seem to be to her she evidently is not happy or as comfortable as she says. When asked what she thinks of her husband and how he treats her occasionally, Mary pauses and sighs to show that there are regrets towards being with the husband. She tries to hide her emotions but eventually they begin to surface. She stares blankly and answers, “He is not that bad, at least he at times cares to buy me flowers although not the type I would wish for” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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