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The Reasons Why Some People Stay in Abusive Relationships Despite the Risks - Term Paper Example

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This paper is a critical evaluation of why people stay in abusive relationships. The writer seeks to discuss the nature of abusive relationships from both perspectives of the abuser and the victim. The paper emphasizes that the prevention of the occurrence of domestic abuse should be paramount. …
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The Reasons Why Some People Stay in Abusive Relationships Despite the Risks
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Extract of sample "The Reasons Why Some People Stay in Abusive Relationships Despite the Risks"

Download file to see previous pages The prevalence of domestic violence in contemporary society is worrisome and calls for stringent measures, especially harsh punishments, to the perpetrators. It is estimated that approximately 1.5 million women in the US encounter violence from their male partners annually. However, statistics also indicate that men are also victims of domestic violence, with 2010 reports showing that approximately 40% of domestic violence cases involved men. In addition, it has been observed that 85% of violent women are more likely to use deadly weapons such as knives, hot water, blunt objects among others on their victims as opposed to the 15% of men (Vernick 15-23). The majority of victims in violent relationships opt to divorce their partners, but there are those who opt to remain in such relationships despite the hardships. A person who has never experienced such violence may wonder why a person in his or her right mind may wish to stay in such a relationship; however, there are reasons as to why this happens. This paper is a critical evaluation of why people stay in abusive relationships.
Penia notes that “In an abusive relationship, abusive language, violence, threats, sexual coercion, and unfulfilled duties and promises are common” (20). Smith and Segal state that, “Researchers agree that the sole purpose of abuse and aggression in relationships is control. The abuser seeks to gain total control over the victim to the extent, in his or her view, that the victim is a part of the abuser or subject to the abuser” (4). Perpetrators make use of the victim’s weaknesses and flaws to instill fear, guilt, and shame to exert control. The deprivation of basic needs is also a common means of achieving the same ends. As a result, the victim gradually wears out physically and emotionally. With time, the victim loses body strength, fails to attentively concentrate on his or her work, suffers bouts of depression and trauma, health problems arise due to poor appetite and constant worry, and the victim loses morale. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Reasons Why Some People Stay in Abusive Relationships Despite the Term Paper.
(The Reasons Why Some People Stay in Abusive Relationships Despite the Term Paper)
The Reasons Why Some People Stay in Abusive Relationships Despite the Term Paper.
“The Reasons Why Some People Stay in Abusive Relationships Despite the Term Paper”.
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