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Night owl - Essay Example

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Early birds are the complete opposite of the night owls. Alford (Para 3) illuminates that in some countries, the early birds are…
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Night owl
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Extract of sample "Night owl"

Download file to see previous pages This however does not negate the fact that good sleeping patterns should not be advocated for. It is not only vital but also health for persons to get the right amount of sleep each day. Much praises has not been languished towards the night owls as the early birds. However, Jacques (Para 3) explains that there are reasons the owl persons to be proud of who they are.
She argues that one of the reasons to be proud if an individual is an evening person is that they might be having an IQ that is relatively higher. At the London School of Economics and Political Science, an evolutionary scientist called Satoshi Kanazawa found out the possibility of a connection or relationship between evolutionary adaptive behaviors and intelligence. It is a deviation from what ancestors did. Jacques (Para 4) activities that are routinely nocturnal are evolutionarily novel and were most likely seldom in the ancestral environment. The conclusion of the study revealed that intelligent children have the highest probability of growing up and becoming nocturnal in adulthood by going to bed both on weekends and weekdays late and waking up late. However, despite the fact that their IQ may be higher, the early birds tend to in a slightly better position for success.
According to Jacque (Para 5), the second reason for the evening persons to be proud is that they usually benefit from the having strength at night. They have an advantage in terms of physicality in comparison to the morning people. The tests from researchers of the University of Alberta on the strength of legs of both morning and evening persons reveals that while the early birds exhibit consistent strength throughout the day, the night owls strength peaks at night to higher levels. This is attributed to the fact that nocturnal persons shows increase in excitability in the spinal cord and motor cortex.
Jacque (Para 6) claims that individuals who tend to work more at night are to be a little more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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